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Are you building Empower Network part-time? If so, share with us about what you do for a living in your day job. I think it will be cool to see the diversity of our group 🙂 Was the recent question that was brought up in our “PRIVATE Members Only” Facebook Group.

We only put in one rule, in keeping with the Empower Network Culture, which was, “Please don’t post links to other companies, or stuff like that.” We need to keep it general. We just want to learn more about the background of everyone. Feel free to share as much or as little as you want!  The question was brought up, to encourage the team, to bring people together, to share like experiences and overcome similar obstacles.

By all means if you are a member of Empower Network and wish to take part in this, feel free to put your comments below.

So the responses in our group have been, I left links to the people’s Facebook accounts to see that they are REAL PEOPLE.

Jabari Courtney as of this weekend, I have now switched Empower to my fulltime move. Previously I was doing internet marketing as an affiliate for several companies, mostly skin care & insurance.

Dexter Nelson I spend about 10 hours a week building Empower and the rest of the time programming for a Music Service that’s in pre-launch. (Background is information-technology as software & network engineer, Perl programmer and security specialist).

Jason Wheeler I’ve been a full time Mortgage Broker since I got fired from my 80 hour/week restaurant management JOB in 2003. Mostly I help people get money so they can buy Real Estate in CA. I love EN for not only for the opportunity but also for the mindset coaching, and the advertising/blogging experience. I get tons of daily passive emails, phone calls and leads from people READY to hire me from things I’ve learned from the Empower Team every day.

Owen Graham Part-time with Empower: I currently am working with the software company my brothers and I co-founded. We create drag-and-drop squeeze/sales pages. We will likely be releasing a series of customizable/drag-n-drop software solutions over the next year and are mainly looking for integration deals and/or working with “Super” affiliates for maximum leverage. With over 1000 customers in (3months) pre-launch..we are very busy. Ultimately, our goal is to create a business with systems in place to virtually run by itself, allowing myself to be phased out of day-to-day operations. This is still probably close to a year away. 
I’ve learned things in the 15k Formula that has helped us build/run our company. Empower/TTMA is where the fun and fulfillment is at for me, so I will keep making more and more time for this(and money)

Chris Record I am the “Director of Sales” for a publicly traded company that specializes in “High Definition Audio Solutions”. In a nutshell, we can take almost any audio file and make it sound better. For example, most all audio these days is compressed, and the sound quality gets lost. But we have a technology that can restore the acoustic quality to sound, and make an mp3 file sound as good as a CD  I’ve worked there for nearly 3 years now, and my hope is that we get bought out as a company, or land a very large contract, in which my stock will hopefully become quite valuable. The goal with the company is to focus solely on BIG deals, not small contracts, so hopefully you see our technology become the standard over the next few years! This is also why I haven’t gone full time in Empower yet, despite averaging between $30k-$40k/mo as an affiliate. I work about 60 hours per week at my day job, then about 10-15 hours per week in Empower, then spend the rest of my time with my wife and 2 kids…

DrSteve Sheiner I’m an Optometrist for the last 15 years, so for about 14 1/2 years I’ve been looking for a way out. Totally a slave to my job. No paid time off and limited income based on what I’m able to produce in the office. I’m striving to get to the point where Empower Network is both my primary income and full time gig. Can’t happen soon enough! With the help of TTMA, I know it’ll happen soon! I’m also a health and wellness educator, as well as a medical marketing consultant. I work with other health professionals (and their patients) implementing wellness and nutrition into their practices. Looking to create more time freedom to spend with my wife and kids and, of course, financial freedom to do what I want when I when where I want and with who I want! And to help others do the same!

Catherine Nikkel I work full time as a child and youth worker, in a Day Treatment setting, with high risk teenagers – male & female. Everything from mental health disorders, learning disabilities, gang violence, victims of abuse, etc, etc, etc. Love my full time and now my part time with Empower!

Kelvin Broadus Currently I work full time in Quality Assurance as a Team Lead for an advertising company, and part time am building my speaking/ coaching/ ministry work. I’m lookin to make Empower Network a financial foundation for full time work in the speaking industry.

Barb Smith I work part time as a private duty home care nurse working with long term patients most with cerebral palsy with other major health issues usually the parent and siblings and other family doing some of the home care to keep the patient out of the hospital and nursing homes. I have become part of empower to go on vacation. I have to control my finances. I have to be able to take care of myself.

Rizala Marti Carrington I am full-time native Californian currently working in sales in account management in Germany for a UK company. Unfortunately, do to certain laws my life partner and I can’t live in the USA….that doesn’t concern me anymore because I will be living on the beaches of the world thanks to Empower Network! I spend 2-3 hours a day on EN.

Bill McAtee Currently surviving on unemployment benefits in CA. A Certified Videoconferencing/Telepresence Engineer currently in between contract assignments. Waiting to hear about a staff Video/VoIP and Conference Engineer position at a large international company. Also a licensed Health Accident Life Agent in CA. I am also working on my CA guard card to work nights as a security guard to help raise the cash to go “All In’ asap. I do EN part time but plan on putting in more time once I get a solid “hourly” paycheck going as well.

Alan Hecht I work a seasonal business as a salesperson for a NYC tour company. We provide both public and private tours and attractions of the city. I work with hotels and tourists visiting. This being the slow season, I am working full time with EN, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. I thrive on being around like minded individuals.

Matt Bousum I have been a Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service for 13 years. Used to be a great job. Not so much anymore. I’ve been a struggling entrepreneur since 1998. Empower is my last stop. :-))))  Over the holidays I work 6 days a week sunup to sundown. Ready to do what I am meant to do!

Matt Bousum I also use Animoto to offer video marketing to businesses and dabble in web design.

Karen Clevidence Robertson I was an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, then a supervising editor of ESL materials for Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, then a freelance editor/writer of ESL materials. Most recently a baker at a grocery store. I quit that just before the Austin event, so this is it for me!

Jesse Eker I work with T. Harv Eker International full time bringing his new brand online and creating some new products with his new company!

Brandon Sharp This is my day job!

Doug Graham My intention to make EN full time with the other many hats I wear that I love on a part time basis. Personal trainer, LMT, professional singer, voice teacher and musical director of a church.

Stephen Perkins Just getting my feet wet here, big learning curve (read: typical skeptical stubborn, but teachable). Graphic Design, Holistic/Natural Health Nutritionist.

Tamara Boykin Young (Thx Chris for sharing earlier today and mostly for the affirmation. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. ) Totally new to the lead stuff. But I’m a blogger and formerly a New York Copywriter… Corporate and Celebrity Publicist turned TasteMkr | Travelista and successful MLMer. Traveled all over the world with multiple MLM companies alongside my gorgeous Hubby and wonderful team mates (who were the sole reason for our success in the first place). Love rottie rescuing and long walks more than any of the above STUFF! Looking forward to rocking EmpowerNetwork and getting back to enjoying the deliciously uncommon life I was destined to live and inspire through (*minus the traditional MLM grind.)

Sherolyn van Dalen I am an over the road truck driver, I am using empower network to be able to quit my driving job.

Michael Rivera I am in real estate with specific luxury villa projects in Costa Rica.

rendan Fleischer I hope empower network works out for me, if so I will leave my full time 9-5 as a computer tech, to full time on empower and work with some of the groups that build salt lake citys scene!

Misty Stermer Full-Time Momma and Ranchers Wife. We rodeo and travel on a regular basis for this sporting event and Empower is something I can do without having a nanny, putting my two under 2 in daycare, or giving up my daily fun with my kids.

Lisa M Rizer I am currently the purchaser for a small organic grocery store. I have a background in health and wellness (Ayurveda), sales and customer service (I owned a successful chimney sweep company for several years), I sold cemetery propery for about 8 years (what a trip!), I’ve been involved in mlm and network marketing (so many years and so many companies, lol). Let’s see, oh, and I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over 7 years and it has totally transformed my life for the better. I’ve known in my heart all along how my life is supposed to turn out, and it’s unfolding just as I had imagined…now with Empower Network, and Team TMA, I have the ability to take it all to the next level. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Jayden Brown I run annual charity events for special needs and terminally ill children and try to fish as much as possible. I work from home with my wife and our 3 girls

Patricia Winston I was a mortgage banker in 2000 when I found an opportunity online to market high ticket products and services – I earned myself out of a job in my first year and have been self supporting for the past 12 years. When I found EN recently – I jumped for joy! For several reasons: 1) Internet Marketing “How to” for sale from people achieving same – and 2) High ticket products for sale! Yippee. . .I feel like I have arrived home – again – I’m so excited and I love this team

ELi Parr In order of earning — I have a medical massage practice and I recently developed a series of trademarked treatments that are healing alternatives to things like liposuction & botox. As with all good things I dreamed them up to get rid of my own crows feet….and it worked. I am starting to franchise them to other spa companies. I am working with my first spa right now but I am finding the business end is not my forte so I am not sure what I want to do with that. I have a small network marketing team that I love and I am looking forward to being able to do that easier and on autopilot through Empower. I am a musician – composer/songwriter/producer. I have done a kazillion types of music and art projects from writing and producing for an alt rock band

Nancy Dana I am a personal and business coach, specializing in personal development. My other part-time gig is helping my cousin build a home on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, where I am right now.

Eden Doidge 18 years in Tourism starting as a guide ended being operations manager back in my country NZ. Now living in Australia working as a disability support worker.

Arthur Phillips I work privately for an elderly lady as a caregiver. Its rewarding in a heart felt way but not so much in the financial way.

Samuel Alonzo Cafiero I am a student at a private college learning to become a pharmacy technician. I am striving to make EN my full time job for the freedom and less stress that normal day jobs can incur. I have served 8 years for our country in the marine corps active duty. I have been out now honorably 6 1/2 years.

Tim P Jones I shared this story in brief with a private message last night during the LIVE feed. I’ve been a self-employed architect since 1984. At the SD EN Event, I went All In. So I had to take additional Massive Action. Initially I sold my truck to get Inner Circle, Costa Rica, and 15k Formula. Then, in December, me & my wife decided to move out of our home of 9 years (1,800 SF) and into a small 1 bdrm apartment. We now rent our home & have positive cash flow of +$500 per month. We live in the downtown area of our City, and my wife can walk 1 block to work. So, I sold my car too. Now, with the capital from my car, I’ll complete my All In to Masters. And, with the cash flow from our home + my wife’s income.

William Burdine I wear a few hats, however my main J.O.B. is a network manager at a pharmacy. I got in to Empower Network to learn a more steam line way of putting people in to my “PayCut” business.

Darleen Saczawa I’m an Office Administrator full time, but am working with Empower to build a business where I can come home and get my TIME back for myself. I’m a photographer as well so I would love to build my business so I can travel.

Suzanne Price I am a 4th grade teacher to 32 wild little nine and ten year olds – way too many – but they are cute! My real passion is my family – looking forward to the opportunities that Empower will help me create!

Trish Muehlstein I have been a work from home single mom (4 kiddos) for the past 7 years!! I have a background in health and fitness as well as business development and training. I am currently consulting on opening a new chain of performance gyms. I teach swimming to babies starting at 6 months ( my passion!!) and I am a distributor for a whole raw food health product. EN is teaching me how to increase the bottom line in all my streams of income… and it’s working!!!!

Susan Gale What a great mix of people on the team. I got in with Empower Network to build my Avon business’ exposure and to promote my upcoming book. I also currently substitute teach, mainly middle school & high school, this Spring I will be hosting a Financial Fun Club for Teens – always amazed at how little discussion there is about money at home and in school.

Andy Moses Oshodi I am presently getting my masters degree in biotechnology. I also teach freshmen college students.

Dan Nelson Self Employed Remodeling Contractor in Austin, TX Ughh lol

Scott Sheeran I’m Co-Founder and CEO of New Media Exposure, an Advertising Agency with a heavy focus on Video Marketing distribution through Social Media Campaigns. I joined Empower because I believe that this company and their marketing strategies will influence the change in the way consumers interact with business owners. I have already implemented some of the 15k strategies in my own business and seen immediate results! This is the real deal!

Alvin Dan Velasco Sales Trainer/ start up travel agency owner. joined the band wagon about a week ago, got in up to the Inner Circle (for now) , can’t wait to incorporate the strategies on my own business. cheers!

Eliandcorrine Phedor customer service @ lowes south beach. enjoy their travel program

Jamaal Lawson Personal training director and a momentis senior director rep… Looking to provide another avenue of residual income to invest in future dreams of mine… New to the blogging and getting leads .. But willing to put the work in to educate myself and apply

Stacey Crews I am a casino dealer. My interests are in health and I plan to be a health nutritionist eventually.

Byron Cox I work as Skywest Airlines a.k.a. United Express as a ramp agent. I am responsible for losing your bag when you need it the most!  It’s perfect right now as I build my Empower Network business because it’s flexible, and I have flight benefits to travel when ever I want for free or close to nothing if going international.

Toki Tover I work at Raytheon Defense Systems… I basically build circuit boards and components that go into missiles and radars for the military. Cool stuff but I want to go full time online.

Kesha S Parker I am building Empower P/T, if that is what you want to call it. lol I say that because I have a primary network marketing company that I am building, as well and a full time mother of 4 children, 3 of which live with me along with my grandson; ages ranging from 20 to 1yrs. However, the amount of time that I put into learning internet marketing is clearly not part time hours…but building this business is well worth the long nights.

Karl Monson I am a professional web developer full time, while doing this part time.

MORE TO COME, if you have a story, sign on and tell us about it… If you are New to Empower Network or don’t know what it is

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