Empower Network TV Presents – Episode 8: “Men Are A-Hole Pigs” – The Awful Truth

[Video-8] Two HUGE Secrets in this video, one on women, the other on converting more sales, online! With a Bonus Mindset.

Women actually don’t tune out men the same way that men tune out women; its different, and its actually kind of a rude thing that a lot of men do. I’ve got to unlearn it, my dad does this too, and I’m working on it.”

-David Wood

Today, we are continuing from episode 7: “Secrets that Motivate Women.


Did you FIND the Secrets David Wood was sharing in the video?  If you did, Type them in the comments below!

The fact is “Men are Pigs” at times, we are pig headed, stubborn, reluctant to change, rarely want to stop and ask for directions or even take advice very well…

BUT All of that is Changing…

Women are HUGE Leaders in the Network Marketing arena and we got the BIGGEST BAD ASS Gals in the Industry ONLINE, to HELP other Women who want MORE out of life. You’re not getting advice from me, okay maybe once in a while, because I’ve been doing it a long time, but these POWERFUL Women KNOW Just How to Motivate other Women, how to help Women Grow and Succeed.

That’s why in our Group of the Internet Marketing Mastermind…we HAVE THE LIONS’ Share of them… while it’s true all the women in Empower Network help every women and some men, if you ask nicely… in our GROUP we have the Creame of the Crop, who work with our group FIRST, trying new things, testing new ways and building confidence with ACTUAL RESULTS.

Built Differently

These gals are Not Drill Sargent’s, they are Passionate women that CARE about their fellow women and really want to help you grow, make an income online and prove to yourself, your friends and family and the world that you have what it takes to TAKE BACK your family Finances and Build your Family Legacy!

I know you are a Powerful Woman, or you have one in your life, you need to Click this Graphic Below and be prepared to unleash your Inner “Bad Ass” as these women will push you till you succeed or break!

LISTEN IN TO THE CALL, Get a Feeling for what and who we are and then follow the link to JOIN US

image Take Massive Action Super Women Group

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