Empower Network TV Presents – Pilot: A Tale of Three Daves

[Pilot Video] “Built for People” helping people overcome, to believe in you, lifting you up

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And what happened SHOCKED me.

Long haired hippy comes to my house – burned out… and not how you think.

Next 30 days – makes more in a month than he did the previous year.

Watch this inspiration, now.

Next 90 days – I watch the vision expand.

Almost drowning, he looked over, panicking, as I dove in to grab him.

He came up out of the water… and:

Lived to inspire the nations.

Like he was ‘baptized’ – and now…

…120 days later:

Deaf guy.

Inspired by the hippy guy.

Can’t hear – but it doesn’t matter.

Because when you’ve got a dream – and you speak with power – you bend the Universe to your will.

Like this deaf guy did.

Inspiration re-born: “A Tale of 3 Daves”  <– Watch the new video, here.

Homeless guy, 3 years ago.

Gets woken up by the police.

Makes a decision to get in.

3 years later…

…you’re now watching the result.

Do it.

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