image Take Massive Action Tuesday Inner Circle Night Call 2012-02-12-hangoutHey there, William Burdine here and I wanted to send you out this urgent message and ask you a quick question.

Are you available at 6:00pm PST on Tuesday, February 12th to watch a LIVE video training?

It’s a “sneak peek” at some new online marketing systems that will be rolled out in 2013 that are going to create a HUGE buzz in the marketplace.If you are still with Renatus, that’s GREAT, so am I.  I needed to find MORE QUALIFIED LEADS, so I took my skills of Internet Marketing and reconnected with the industry to find a BETTER, FASTER more Efficient Way to do this.What I found was it was GREAT for ANY BUSINESS!!

That’s RIGHT, if you are in Renatus IT HELPS GREATLY to get to Qualified people Ready to look at the Education, if you have a Real Estate Business, it will help you Connect with more of the Right People you need to connect with…

But I am in another company (traditional biz, Real Estate, Direct Sales, Affiliate marketing, mlm, etc..)

Even if you just have a traditional business, Real Estate, Direct sales, affiliate marketer or MLM (multi-level marketing) you may also be interested in this Google Hangout Tonight to find a way to really take your business in a better, faster ,direction!

We’ve gathered several six-figure internet marketers to come out and share EXACTLY what they believe it will take to make a six figure income online in 2013.

And they said that it was cool if I invited you!

The LIVE presentation starts at 6:00pm PST SHARP on Tuesday, February 12th, so all you have to do is visit the link below, and REFRESH the screen at 6:00pm PST.

(That’s 6:00pm PST).
WATCH IT ON THE GO with our Mobile Page

Bookmark that link and be sure to refresh the page at 9:00pm PST sharp!

Just to give you an example of how powerful this is going to be, let me tell you a little bit about each presenter.

Lawrence Tam was a full-time engineer who built a part-time business online “on the side” and has made $700,000+ in just over a year!

He is going to break down how he was able to do it – part time!

Toby and Layla Black were struggling musicians who took to the web to create a little extra income to help with their music business, but ended up stumbling upon a source of massive residual income that they were able to automate and make money while they sleep!

They will break down how it was done!

Chuck Marshall is a family man who didn’t want to be a public speaker or go to house meetings or hotel meetings to try and make extra money for his family.

So he created direct mail campaigns and magazine advertisements that resulted in over $500,000 in just over a year…

…almost all automated!

He’ll share what he did to make that happen!

Hurricane Arthur Tubman made $40,000 in the last 36 days by using a creative lead generation source that he will break down on this LIVE video hangout.

Want to hear how he did it?

Make sure you are on the event LIVE!

Chris Record is a work from home dad with 2 kids under 2 and a full-time job.With only about 10 hours per week to put into this business part-time, he managed to make over $60,000 just last month in January, and $22,000 in a single day that same month!

He will break down the exact system he is using to have this success!

I highly recommend that you change your plans around to be available at 9:00pm PST Tuesday February 12th.

You definitely want to watch LIVE and learn from these amazing six-figure income earners as they break down what they are doing that is ACTUALLY working in TODAY’S internet world!

Don’t miss it!

(That’s 6:00pm PST).
WATCH IT ON THE GO with our Mobile Page

We all know we need to have Multiple Streams of income, but more importantly we need to be able to Connect with the Right People at the Right Time with the Right Resources…. I know you are an Entrepreneur and this Google Hangout will HELP you to focus on making better connections for your business.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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