image Claude Durham

“Nothing is impossible if you know what to do next.”

In 2009 Claude realized he wasn’t going to achieve his financial goals working as an auto mechanic so he decided to check out a meeting on Real Estate Investing to see if this college was worth pursuing. He was hooked. Claude with the help of his Renatus partners in the San Diego community has completed 25 rehabs since enrolling in the classes. The latest was an Auctioned property he just turned over, using a “Cash for Keys” Strategy.
Claude also attributes his success to Knowledge, Mentors, Partners, Action, and Determination.

Nothing is impossible if you know what to do next.

Push through challenges… Just keep going. Once you achieve, you learn, and it get’s easier.

Featured in the National Bulletin Volume1, Issue6
Enjoy the Audio Interview with Claude, Interview #43 “Claude Durham, Auto Mechanic to 25 rehabs and a check $156k on Dec 1st 2011
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