Here is the second installment of what to look for when buying a house.  Make sure to check out all of these important parts of the interior of the house.

  1. Flooring
    Carpet: It is almost always recommended that you replace the carpet.  New carpet is a good selling point amongst realtors, and therefore worth the investment.  But, remember to shop around for the best price.
  2. Walls
    Drywall is fairly inexpensive, so holes in walls are not as big of a problem as they seem to be.
  3. Kitchen
    • Instead of replacing cabinets, which can be costly, put in some elbow grease and strip, paint, and add new hardware.  You will save a lot of money, and they will look like new.
    • Appliances
    • Counter tops
  4. Bathrooms
    • This is very important room for many people.  This is also a room where mold can accumulate and damage can be done.  Because of this, it is imperative to do a full inspection. Check the shower, and check for mold.  To avoid missing damaged areas, get on your hands and knees and check every area of each bathroom in the house.  You will be happy that you did.
    • How many bathrooms are there?
    • Shower/Tub : it is not necessary very often to replace these.  However, resurfacing them can make them look like new.
    • Is there mold?
    • Sink/vanity: Nine times out of ten, you should replace the sink and vanity.
    • Toilet: Nine times out of ten, you should replace the toilet.
    • For less than $500 you can make a bathroom look brand new.
    • If you make the kitchen and bathroom look brand new, your house will sell with fewer days on market.
  5. Bedrooms
    • Legally, a bedroom must have a window and a closet.  You can create your own closet and turn a 3 bedroom home into a 4 bedroom home.  However, you may need a permit for this, depending on the electrical situation in the house.
    • How many bedrooms are there?
    • How many closets are there?
    • What are the sizes of each bedroom?
  6. Basements
    • Fixing up basements can add much value to a home, and help it to sell faster.  You will need a permit to do this, however.
    • Usable square footage of a basement (and sometimes attics) is determined by ceiling height.  To be considered a finished basement, the ceilings must be 7 feet high.
    • In order for basement space to qualify as a bedroom, it must have a closet and an egress window.  An egress window is a window that one can crawl through.  This relates to fire safety.
  7. Other items
    • Air conditioner
    • Furnace
    • Water heater: New water heaters draw in buyers, and they only cost $300-$400 to replace.  It is also a good selling point if the water heater is high efficiency.

If you look for these elements in a house you are looking to purchase, you will be on your way to determining how much it will cost to fix up, and if it will be a good investment property for you.

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