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William Burdine is an authorized, Independent Independent Marketing Affiliate of Renatus, offering (or distributing) the following products:

  • Renatus Essentials Education Program
  • Renatus Accelerated Investor Training A.I.T.*


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*Renatus Accelerated Investor Training program disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: Accelerated Investor Training program curriculum, content, presentation design and format are proprietary products of Renatus Education TM (RE), distributed exclusively by Renatus through its Investor Solutions system. RE offers a unique “Learn to Earn” training and educational program designed specifically for real estate investors. RE does not offer accredited undergraduate or graduate programs.


Earnings &/or Income Disclaimers, this Compensation Disclosure

NOTE: Any income representations that may be contained in this brochure are the unique results of the individuals making the representations. You may not achieve the same results. The success or failure of investments depends of market conditions, individual investor’s skill, and individual financial circumstances. Some people may make money. Other people may lose money. Because all investments involve risks that vary depending on individual circumstances, we do not make any predictions or guarantees as to the results you will obtain.

 Renatus Affiliate Disclosure

“Some Independent Training Affiliates and/or Independent Marketing Affiliates will earn no money at all in this program”


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