Investing in Real Estate

In 2010 my family dynamics changed. I was about to get married, my fiance already had 3 children, the oldest from her first husbands previous marriage….then I thought. Given my income with a graduate degree in Information Technology and my future wife’s income as a nurse…

Was our combined income enough to provide a quality education, experiences, and essentials for them as two of them were hitting teenage years and one near driving age?

I felt bad enough that they were more or less ‘latch key kids‘, but they were very responsible and we never had an reason to doubt them.

But still as we planned our wedding, we found cutting back was a better solution than to spend money for a day ceremony and potentially a week in an exoctic place. I know, I know… cheap skates, get married have a honeymoon. Both of us were more concerned about the kids.

I like you, stayed up late nights with work or worries to issues and I saw the ‘Real Estate Education‘ Programs. For years I watched them and after reading a few books on the subject hand me wanting to order a few. Yet none of them helped me, they instead put me in a situation where I needed to spend more money for “coaching”.. over the phone?

The idea of real estate investing never left my head and now on the eve of a ton of responsibility seemed like a dumb idea to now pursue it… or was it?

I am a risk taker, I have ridden a sport bike well over 150mph (at the track)… so I sought out to find a solution to my interest in real estate investing education and hopefully a potential solution to my growing family expenses.

I found what I was looking for, so I partnered with my brother and we went to the live classes at a company called Renatus. There I met some amazing people who actually MAKE MONEY Investing, some even without a dime of their own. OMG I had to learn more.

But suddenly, I found I wasn’t a risk taker, this scared the crap out of me, I barely was able to ink my signature to the papers to purchase my condo 2 years previous. I had to TRY! I had to LEARN! I NEED to put some EFFORT into this to get something out.

Well the safest think I could learn out of the huge selection of real estate education classes (now they have amazing tracks to focus you) I picked up Tax Deeds and IRA investing. Pretty cool I made some money fairly easy with doing Tax Deeds in other states…this education works, nice.

I then stepped up to IRA investing, where my IRA owned part of a multi-family apartment… in one year I saw a 50% return and it’s been doing near double digits ever since…yes even in that damn recession of 2009-2011.

I was so convinced this worked I helped others learn how to do this, even my parents, which is a good thing because now in their near retirement age, they get cash every month from the interest payments and it’s almost enough for all their monthly bills… only if they started sooner or put more in…

Everyone is a skeptic on something… 😉

So now I am happy with my choice of real estate education and I want to not only share this story with you, but the way I got started – through the education that Renatus Provides.

At the top in the menus, there are links to the types of education, quality of the instructors (who are all active investors, its part of the requirement as well as a six figure income from their deals to be an instructor). I will have links on new information about the education as well as I will share some of the success stories from the community of Renatus.