Who is Chris Wilson?

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Buy & Hold, Lease Options, Wholesaling, Fix n Flip and more

Chris is a real estate professional with over 30 years of experience. He is both a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona. As a real estate professional, his businesses specialize in fix and flip, property management, wholesaling, land lording and traditional real estate services targeting buyer’s and seller’s needs in residential, land and light commercial real estate transactions.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has held corporate jobs in companies such as Lucent, GTE, and AG Communication Systems. His corporate jobs ranged from customer support, research and design, customer training, to marketing and sales. He has held titles of AVP Government and International Sales, Director Program and Product Management, Manager of Customer Training, and Engineer.

In real estate, his expertise lies in building real estate net-works, acquiring properties and pursuing real estate strategies. Chris developed a wholesaling strategy and methodology which, although often imitated, very few have mastered at his level.

Furthermore, his skills and knowledge as a lector are in high demand for both real estate investors and real estate professionals. He speaks on real estate and business topics such as understanding markets, trends, techniques, and strategies. Chris is an instructor for Renatus and The Arizona Academy of Real Estate. He is also a full-time real estate professional doing both traditional real estate and investing. He and his business conduct hundreds of profitable real estate transactions every year. Chris continues to share his vast real-world expertise with Renatus Students to assist them in achieving their real estate investment goals.

What’s your experience with other real estate education programs?

The bad thing about Real Estate Education is the amount of miseducation. There are a lot of gurus’ that go out and tell everybody how to invest in real estate. But some of them should be charged with criminal negligence. They are telling people how to do things that haven’t been done since the 80’s. And they are talking about it still being alive today.” ….. “I was at a seminar….they were talking about to do a certain transaction in a fix and flip that by FBI definition and US Treasury definition today is illegal.

What does it take to be a Successful Real Estate Investor?

The unique thing about real estate is it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be a real estate agent. It takes one of two things. You spend 30 years going through the school of hard knocks like I did, or you take a little bit of time and get some quality real estate education that explains the fundamentals which have not changed at all and then touch on the realities of today’s world to you and you quickly get brought up to speed and then you just go out and replicate the process. To many services are selling you from boot camp to boot camp or some over priced products to another over priced product and their not really concerned with educating you in real estate

Why do you teach for Renatus?

#1 they teach the students to do real estate right. #2 they provide a real environment that gives the students a reality based education and #3 by in large its a no BS program, their not trying to sell you on anything extra, their trying to tell you what it takes to be successful and give you support and tools you need to go do it.

What’s your history with Renatus CEO, Bob Snyder?

…. “Bob came across as a pretty straight up guy, he’s always come across as an upfront guy. When Bob tells he he’ll do something, Bob lives up to his word.” … “I feel like Bob is a good guy to work with. I am not worried about tarnishing my reputation working with Bob like I am with some other people.

Instructor for Buy & Hold, Wholeselling, Fix n Flip

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