Jeff Armstrong

Jeff Armstrong Seller Financed Mentor

An entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Jeff Armstrong brings over 19 years of real estate experience to Renatus’ esteemed group of Instructors. He is currently the President and Owner of Armstrong Capital, a unique niche business in the real estate industry, specializing in the marketing, negotiating, processing, brokering, and purchasing of existing, first position seller-financed real estate secured notes on the secondary market.

Jeff has written and published six industry-related books, including “Personal Cash Flow Prosperity” which high-lights the details of how he successfully runs his one-man business. He is the former editor of the Noteworthy Newsletter from 2004-2006, a monthly publication for experienced buyers and brokers of notes, mortgages and other cash flows on the secondary market, as well as a contributing columnist for Cash Flow Exclusive, the Noteworthy Newsletter as well as other various publications.

A member of the American Cash Flow Association, National Mortgage Investors Association and Apartment Owner’s Association, Jeff enjoys spreading his wealth of knowledge and experience to others who are interested in becoming successful real estate investors. With his passion for teaching, Jeff has become a highly recognized speaker and instructor on a wide range of cash flow industry topics, including in-depth content with a focus on the real estate note niche. Speaking at over 168 engagements to date, including 1 to 3 day workshops, Jeff states, “I want to teach people about what I do and how I do it and make sure they understand it before I am finished.” He adds “I love to teach…I love to see former students a year later who come back to thank me for changing their lives for the better.

Featured in the National Bulletin Volume1, Issue1

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