Today I had to do something I NEVER DO – Send out a mass email to everyone in my contact database this new E15 gas.

image e15 and more gas choicesWhat the Hell is E15 gas?

It’s gasoline for your car that contains 15% of Ethanol, you know from corn. MORE on that in a moment…

So an excerpt of the email went like this

I just had a moment that enraged me and I am sure after you’re done watching the linked video, you will be too.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM (I can’t stand those either)- However you will understand once you watch the video below.

image E15 auto manufactures

Auto Manufactures that will VOID your warranty

Let me start off with a few thought provoking questions:
• How would you like to be FORCED into buying 2012 or newer car?
• How would you feel if your Auto Manufacture VOIDED your warranty simply by putting gas in your pre 2012 car?
• How would you feel about your car loosing 1/3 of its Power?
You might want to watch this video for a very important story.

Car Manufactures warranties are voided if yu use e15 gas

What Manufacturers will void your car warranty if you use e15?

  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Kia
  • Mercedes-Benz

Do you think our Fuel and Food should compete for Government subsidies?

I got an immediate reply

My 2013 Toyota specifically says on the gas cap not to use anything above 10% ethanol content.

Stupid Obama and his EPA nut jobs want to have 15% or even 20% ethanol as a federal requirement. So my 2013 would not be able to run it.

Plus gas mileage is terrible with ethanol as well as 60% of our corn crops are used to make it along with massive subsidies to make ethanol. One of the worse things our government has been involved with that hurts every consumer.

My question is what does E10 do to our cars? If just 5% more damages the cars why doesn’t’ the 10% hurt anything?

So I replied

image 2009 e15 gas map

2009 e15 gas map

You pose a great question, for which I don’t have the answer to yet.

I just think it is a very stupid idea to have our food sources and their by-products now compete with fuel.

Especially since the carriers of this ‘new fuel’ are still using diesel. In my opinion there are a few different and better solutions…and NONE of them are those damn hybrids! The smartest order I believe would be:

  • use are own oil reserves
  • Natural Gas, lots of that from both natural and dumps
  • phase out gas/natural gas engines, by using fibrous waste of plant material
  • full electrical cars

The problem will ALWAYS exist that we need oil for lubrication as well as parts construction. However we can make Car Body panels from Hemp Plants that have very similar characteristics as Carbon Fiber. AND we already have synthetic oil. So if those two things would replace our oil and corn, we would be fine in as little as 20 years.

HEY WILL, your Stupid, most say 2001 or 2007 cars and up.

Uh huh, go ahead and put it in your car, I am going with the mechanics findings, even AAA says don’t use it !


image How people use social media

image from

FACT: We are all in this together and the government did not give the American people a say on this subject.   In my opinion this move is right up there with Obamacare.

I am MAD as HELL that this is happening, not just the E 15 or the Obamacare, but how the Government has taken over the country and WE the People don’t seem to matter much… all because people

  1. DON’T READ the Issues
  2. TALK about how it is Good or Bad for them
  3. and VOTE

Instead you STUPID Americans who DON’T fit those categories are truly making the nation a worse place.  Watching a 2 minute clip on the nightly news is just NOT ENOUGH!  Look I realize both parents work, some people work two or three jobs, but ask yourself, “How did it get this way?”  Did you do any of the 3 above? Probably not!  So you complain about higher education and how you can’t afford it, Take a look at some of the people who dropped out of college or high school.

As you can tell I am fuming MAD over this and that is why I share this type of information on my Social Media Sites.  Social Media and eMail give us a voice, any one remember Tansania any other Arab countries come to mind… if not GOOGLE THEM.  It’s TIME For ALL of us to STOP doing ‘Selfies’, ‘cat videos’, ‘shopping’ and much more.  (click image for larger view)

CHALLENGE: Look up a subject that matters to you, see how the government is handling it and share that on social media, just once a week, or better, once a day.  We as Americans have the ability to use our VOICES again as “We the People” !!!!

  • Is it to late to Stop Obamacare?
  • Is it to late do Stop the rollout of E 15 or further ethanol mixes where it means a loss of food with prices increasing?

IF you have read this entire post and want to comment, do so below or catch up with the subject I posted on

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