CBDs come from both the FEMALE and MALE cannabis plant.


Chill out there inspector clouseau, let’s be clear about this topic. I am going to share with you my research, my experiment, and in the future more results. But for now, it’s time for YOU to follow me and read in the links I will present and the videos I will have in this post.  The misconception of what cannabis is and the lack of understanding provokes a preconditioned or emotional response.

Besides I live by the notion of never posting something on the Internet that would embarrass my mother. 🙂

I have really no idea how or what the best way is for me to start to explain this topic, but I am going to do my best and I really hope you have a desire to learn, mostly because of all the benefits of Cannabis does provide through the thousands of years.

A brief nutshell of Cannabis….it’s been in our grasp and used for thousands of years as a source of food, rope, sails for ships, paper, medicinal uses, mentioned in the Bible for those uses and even in our bodies naturally where we have programmed receptors to accept the Cannabinoids.

Since everyone is up in arms about the medicinal properties of Cannabis, let’s start there.  But first a little foundation, Cannabis has both a Male and Female plant, no different than thousands of other plant life.  The Male plant is the primary of what I will talk about, the Female plant….well that’s what you smoke.  The Male Cannabis plant or HEMP has been an industrial growth crop for many years to make clothing, paper, rope and even sails for ships. (Much more of this is covered in the video resources below)

image Cannabis Facts

How Cannabis Helps our lives

The Female plants flowers and even the plant itself has a couple of chemicals I want to point out, THC and CBD.  The THC is the psycho-active part of the plant and has many properties including some great ones like stopping pain and creating hunger.  The CBDs are in both the Female and the Male plant and they have their own special properties.

What are just some of the diseases proven by scientists from around the world discovering?

The chart to the right is only a few things that the Cannabis Plant can help with.

But if that was all I was going to show you, I’d be doing this article, myself, you and anyone else you share this with a Gross injustice of a potential enlightenment. (no pun intended)

There searching for videos on what Cannabis’ benefits have been are just mind blowing.  Who would have thought that in some cases Cancer was cured?  Well not only the medical board but a lot of doctors, labs and clinics might have some monetary issues if not legal issues about this very notion.  Yet as science is progressing with the Cannabis plant it has shown some remarkable properties for many ailments and diseases.

Remember I stated that only the Marijuana or Female Cannabis plant has THC and that both the Male and Female plants have CBD’s…. educational movie to follow.

Here is a MOVIE Break, everyone likes that right an educational video.  I warn you, this video by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is just the start of opening your mind.  Enjoy!

Let’s look briefly at a chart to see which helps what

alt Cannabinoids guide

Cannabinoids guide of proven medical findings.

Why Do I Care about all of this CBD stuff?

I’m glad you asked…. a few posts ago, I gave a brief story about Chronic Pain and the quality of my life changing….  when you get to that point, you start a mission…. mine was NOT to ‘smoke dope’, I did that many many many moons ago, I’ll write about that in the future too.  Walking around with pills in my pocket based on opium (Lortab and Vicodin) and the way I feel while on them, is counter productive to my life.  When I found out the benefits of CBD’s….. well it pissed me off because that was nearly 2 years ago (from this writing) and a source of CBD’s was very hard to come by…. as a matter of fact people were more excited about pushing the Female Cannabis plant’s THC levels to as high at 40%.   That has WAY Surpassed the famous government weed…. yet another story.  But as you saw in the video above, there are not only strains of Cannabis that are being bred to have less than 1% THC and as high as 20% CBD’s as well as there are new extraction methods, CBD’s are just now coming to mass market…. more on that shortly! 😉

As I promised, I am going to start listing my resources, take them however you desire, all I care is that you have started to learn about something that you had a preconceived or emotional response to in the past.

VIDEO RESOURCES for Hemp/Marijuana

Magic Weed – History of Marijuana Part 1

Magic Weed – History of Marijuana Part 2

Magic Weed – History of Marijuana Part 3

Magic Weed – History of Marijuana Part 4

More Posts on this subject are coming soon!

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