How do you make friends?

Every day I try to find something inspiring, something that creates emotion in my life…

A feeling so strong that I might laugh or cry. I do my best to stay away from hate and jealousy….it happens and I know it is old programming. I am working every day to walk away or turn around the situation of those in my environment who are discussing or demonstrating.

My goal becomes make them laugh, create a bond, leave an impression or have a learning experience from them.

The Video below, in my opinion, is what I seek to accomplish as often as I can.

Take a seat and Make a Friend

I’d like to thanks the friends at for providing the Video Content

Would you meet a stranger in a public setting like this to make a friend?

If so share your answers from the video clip.

Have you ever been in a ball pit and made a friend?
Share 3 things on your bucket list.
When was the first time you were in love?
Who inspires you?
Tell us about an experience that changed your life?

Find something you have in common with someone who answered already and make a connection…. make a new friend on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Google+

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