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Overly and humorously simplified for fun

Last night I was on my way home with two of my business associates and we had a healthy debate over what it takes to build a team of people. We are in not only Real Estate, but Direct Sales for teaching Real Estate Investing, consequently we changed how we build teams recently.

There are certain characteristics of people that can make it in direct marketing or in network marketing, which is if you have studying any marketing at all, it is all network marketing. Ever heard the phrase it’s not what you know, but who you know? They are referring to network marketing, who do you know that can help you get what you need.

Before I get side tracked any further and you stop reading, I want to give you the two words, their meanings and hopefully explain them so you (the reader) can also benefit about what I learned or rather got clarified. Leader VS Driver.

Let’s look at dictionary.com definition for Leader as it pertains to the subject:
1. a person or thing that leads
2. a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.

I wanted to give the definition for Driver, but it is technically akin or a synonym to the word Ambitious, so I will us this:
1. having ambition; eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc.: ambitious students.
2. showing or caused by ambition: an ambitious attempt to break the record.
3. strongly desirous; eager: ambitious of love and approval.
4. requiring exceptional effort, ability, etc.: an ambitious program for eliminating all slums.

So there are two types of people in marketing, those that are ambitious or what some network marketing people refer to as “ignorance on fire” and leaders, those who have knowledge and seek out ambitious people for leverage.

Before you get upset at my view point of marketing or the use of leverage, look at your life, are you being leveraged? or are you leveraging others? The fact is we all use leverage, we just don’t think about it. If you are employed, your manager, boss, or company is leveraging your skills, knowledge or time to get its general purposes accomplished. AND IF you are an owner of a business you are the one that leverages your employees. You Don’t have a job….okay are you a parent? Don’t you have your kids do chores? You should, if you do you are leveraging them.

Leverage is not a bad word, but it is a fact of life and our society. It is how a society gets built.

So back to the Leader, some say leaders are born and I agree with that, but I also agree that leaders can be made. HOWEVER not all leaders are DRIVEN or AMBITIOUS. Being driven comes from within, it is something you are passionate about doing or wanting to do and it is a make up of some peoples personalities. Have you ever seen a person that is just so GUNG HO you want to puke? or wonder what drug they are on?

Leaders look for these people, they find what drives them and then leverage their skills, time or what they have to help further their goals as a leader. Now a GOOD LEADER will find out what an ambitious person needs or wants and will show them how to use their skills or develop the skills to acquire their desire.

However that boarders on another word, Mentor. Setting that aside for a moment once an ambitious persons “learns to fish” from their leader, they in turn work or give their time back to the leader as payment, that is if they are a humble, honest, respectful and grateful for what they have been taught or learned under a good leader. AND not necessarily devoted, that would be more towards a cult status.

So a Good Leader will look for these qualities in an ambitious person, so that they can work with them for a mutual benefit….a sort of lost thought or make up of honest people in today’s entitlement society (another subject for a later date).

I hope this helped you as it did me when my friends and business associates Claude and Sherman discussed this last night. Sherman brought up the words Driver and Leader and we hashed them out, I think until we all understood how building a team you need a ratio. The ratio is different for every team, some leaders can have 20 ambitious people, me I can work with three, Sherman and Claude may also have different criteria for how many that they can work with. The point is to make that positive connection, build trust and honesty and then teach others (maybe ambitious people) how to be leaders, then duplicate the process. When you get good at this, you will know how to construct a team of individuals of common thoughts, desires and be able to focus so that all wants and needs expected and spoken by the group are met.

In conclusion I made all my children this morning in my car promise me that they would look up and at least read the definitions of the words Driver and Leader. I did this in the hopes to teach my kids how to be leaders, they have the ambition of being kids, but why not teach them the morals to stand out and stand up to be proud and confident?

[this post was reproduce from a previous blogging system that got deleted – this version has been updated]

UPDATE 2015-05-18

When I wrote this post I was brand new to Network Marketing / Direct Sales / Relationship Marketing or what ever you want to call it, after all there are many ways to skin a cat 😉  In those past 6 years, I have learned quite a bit not just about sales and marketing, but about relearning how to connect with people.  If your new to these fields, let me give you some advice…. read twice as much as your leaders tell you and read from my book list (comming soon!).  People in Sales and Marketing, even in the MLM, NM, DS, RM, yada yada all can spot a new person right away.  Hopefully that person will look at you and say they want to help you learn to become a better marketer, then make an appointment and learn from them, take the opportunity to be mentored.  However if you just bought from them…. you just learned who the buyer and sales person really is in that mentor meeting.

The point of ‘being on fire’ with no knowledge is two fold 1) you get used to people saying no and build the thick skin you will require to be a pushy marketer and 2) to weed out those who can’t take the pressure or do the personal developmental growth.  I mean doesn’t a body builder work out to compete?  Doesn’t he/she also read a lot to learn about nutrition?   Well so do you if you want to be successful.  Develop yourself while learning marketing…. by reading, getting mentoring and doing the activities you will learn a whole lot faster…. remember learning how to drive a car?  Study, Stupid classes, lectures, road lessons, road tests, drivers permit, then licence.

You MADE THE DECISION to drive, that is your Goal, did it matter really how you got there?  No it doesn’t learn to be flexible and adaptable to the environments.  Developing a rigid plan sets you in stone and eventually in analysis paralysis.

The other important wisdom…. Learn to be friendly and helpful.  No one wants to be sold on a product or service, they want to know you first, because truth be told people by from people, places, and brands they trust.  So get to know people, but not in one night, be curious about them, in other words be INTERESTED and NOT to try to be interesting.  Pay attention to them and their needs first, see how you can possibly help them with your contacts or what you know rather than trying to fit your product or service in to their desires.

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