New Changes Coming to Users Google GMail Accounts

The GMail Team at Google has been working to get this new Schema Standardized as an Open Source  markup with the help of

image new google gmail actions

As of Google I/O 2013, new GMail actions were turned on.

The actions will give you hover over information depending on the action to take and you will be presented with timely information, bringing a Google Now experience to your Gmail.

  • RSVP (coming soon) – Instant Notifications (will up date Google Calendar automatically AND any Event Service Like Paperless Post) (eliminates 4+ steps & manual input to your own calendar)
  • Get Offer – When click it will add your offer and then you can pop over to the offer page. (eliminates 4+ steps)
  • Review (coming soon) – Example of a restaurant review with launch partner Seamless, you will be able to review an experience or product (may eliminate 6+ steps)
  • Dial – Communication services
  • Check-in – Similar to Cards in Google Now/Search, it allows you to Check in to places

These are just the beginning to what will be offered through Google gmail Services… making your choice in using Google and Android a continuous pleasure to saving time.  As an Example Spotify will be another feature…. just to give you an example of subscription services on the horizon to remove painful steps as a result of opening emails…. This will be an Email Marketing Dream for their subscribers, with measurable results for better ‘open’ and ‘engagement’ actions.

VIDEO of New Google GMail Account Changes (Gmail Inbox Actions)

Recorded at Google I/O: May 16 6 p.m.-6:20 p.m. (PDT)

See Original at

Google Gmail is making more happen in less time with a new developer feature launched yesterday. Shalini Agarwal will talk about how end users and developers will benefit from actions in the inbox, and how easy it really is to deliver them to hundreds of millions of inboxes around the world.

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