If you are an artist, graphical marketing team, CEO of a graphic company an independent designer or anyone who works with Adobe Photoshop, this updated partnership between Adobe and Microsoft will have you pondering the new possibilities.

At Adobe Max 2014 the CEO’s of both Microsoft and Adobe came on stage to not just talk about the partnership, but the future and show off what will be the next generation in responsive design.

WHAT the HELL is Responsive Design

As best as summarized from the video below, responsive design is the ability to use gestures, multi touch as well as Artificial Intelligence, to a point, to predict and update through a learning process. It’s almost like having a virtual mastermind with Photoshop through your Microsoft Surface 3 Pro. This also allows for new possibilities of collaboration and interactive design…spontaneously at the speed of thought.

Through the feedback to Microsoft, increasing efforts and learning how people use the Kinect through the XBOX, these new creative interactive processes have come to a 3D work environment where software, namely Adobe Photoshop is capitalizing on the power of the the new Surface tablet….or portable PC? (you be the judge)


ANIMAL Animation by Adobe

image Adobe Animal animation software

Synchronized Movement and animation in Real Time

Animal is a new software product by Adobe that can do on the fly animation as well as synchronized speech to create quickly animated sequences for just about any type of cartoon to marketing requirements. It’s like rapid prototyping without the need for a programmer, which is really cool.

Interested in Animal AND you have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you can get Animal FREE during the open Beta http://www.adobe.com/go/animal



image adobe photoshop microsoft surface

Adobe & Microsoft Partner at Adobe MAX 2014

The new design of photoshop took an amazing effort to think about how to interact with it’s user, when you take away the keyboard and mouse….sure you can still use the pen tool with the Surface 3. However gestures were not enough, they were not demo’ed, but the new layer inspector was. It’s like having an intelligent canvas that will communicate back with you about what you want to do….intuitively. You have to see the video to understand.

Imagine just hovering over your image and with a gesture be on any layer and manipulate it. Okay some of you Adobe Illustrator guys are probably saying, “Yea I can do that with AI.” Yes and No. Again, watching the video will give you a new sense of the possibilities that may be coming in to the future of Adobe Illustrator as well.

This new partnership with Microsoft and Adobe, has without a doubt, been a Win – Win, but it’s more than that…. the demo is so powerful, that if the new Adobe Photoshop for the Surface Pro 3, actually delivers…. it might be turning heads in the graphic community.

But let’s go beyond that…. you see in the video, using the new product to demo designer clothing and without doubt the interior designer will find a new use as well as a architect to ponder new ideas quickly.

I am excited about the future, this type of technology, the software, the ability to create quickly with little effort is just a glimpse of what is coming in the future…. tools that interact and help creativity.

What are your thoughts?

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