The Secret of Happiness Movement

Everyone has their ups and downs in life, their expectations met and challenged, sometimes feeling alone to feeling like everyone is your friend. What we do when nobody’s around are often the things we enjoy, the things that make us happy as individuals. When we are with a group, in the spirit of competition, a party, an event, with relatives or friends we also experience times of great happiness.

In this brief clip are some of my friends describing what happiness is to them.

Did any of these relate to you?
What areas in your life are you happy?

Think about it for a moment…

Life is not complicated, so don’t dwell, keep it simple.

  • Is it playing with your kids?
    Watching a movie?
    Being with someone?
    Doing a favorite activity?

Being part of an amazing group of friends, this was our curiosity, What is ‘The Secret of Happiness‘ in people’s lives?

image Secret of Happiness SWAG

Secret of Happiness SWAG

So we set out to explore, to find out, to see how simple things, people, activities or moments in everyone’s lives bring them to their Secret of Happiness.

FREE Secret of Happiness SWAG

If you are willing to share your “Secret of Happiness” with us, we will be happy to send you a key chain, wrist band or a sticker to help spread the smiles and our curiosity of what people wonder about from time to time… to make their lives happier.


FREE Secret of Happiness T-Shirt

image Secret of Happiness T-Shirt

FREE Secret of Happiness T-Shirt

If you are willing to send us a 2-3 minute video, we will get you one of our shirts, this amazingly soft shirt brings happiness just by putting it on…. at least that’s what we all thought….

OR MAYBE it was at the end of the day and a brand new cotton shirt just felt good next to our skin. <– HINT: simple happiness

However you see or visit this post, in my blog, on my Facebook Page, Google Page, Twitter or where ever…. we would love to hear from you AND MAKE US HAPPY and HASH Tag your Reply with #SecretofHappiness.

It’s our goal to prove to everyone, life is fun and full of happiness when you search for that HASH Tag on the Internet and find fun simple, sarcastic, humorous, uplifting stories that will connect us all to new friends and build new relationships.

Thank you for your feedback and helping us to learn and spread the joy of life as we learn more on our journey to the #SecretofHappiness

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