image The Funding Method 21 Ideas to Help You Raise $500 - $5,000 For Your Small Business

The Funding Method 21 Ideas to Help You Raise $500 – $5,000 For Your Small Business

The Funding Method – 21 Ideas to Help You Raise $500 – $5000 For Your Small Business

In recent history, people have LOST their Homes, Lost their Jobs, and had to give up things they worked very hard for, then they see an Opportunity that can help them.

The Opportunity usually comes as a cost, just like your education, or your house or having kids, money needed to be had and the Funding wasn’t always available.

I am going to tell you the secret about Money, one that took me a while to figure out, one that once I understood it, the idea of funding anything with money suddenly became a puzzle or game to solve.

You have heard of the term ‘Resources’, that is really all Money is, a resource to get you to have or exchange for another resource.

Have you heard that if you have enough ‘Resources’ you can have what ever you are willing to exchange them for?

Many people equate ‘Money’ with the word ‘Resource’, but isn’t an education a resource? What about a Car, a House, a Skill, credit card, water, food, clothing, What about games, aren’t they a learning resource?  The fact is Resources can be anything to anyone if that is their current need or desire.

So isn’t Money a type of Resource?  It’s a funding resource that seems to work universally or so we were taught.

I want to Share this Powerful training with you, its a series of powerful training’s we have put together and will be releasing over the next few months.  However because of the current economic times, we believe releasing the Funding Method is probably the most significant resource we can offer to you.

Let’s take a peek inside at some of the topics.

image funding-money-training

The Funding Method 21 Ideas to Help You Raise $500 – $5,000 For Your Small Business

Do you see some topics that could help you out in your life? To see how to find the funding for your business?


Let’s Explore some of these (a post and a link and partial audio will be made available soon)

1) Funding Sources Intro
2) How to Become a Money Magnet
3) Raising Quick Capital with Odd Jobs
4) Brokering Deals
5) How to Raise Money from Friends and Family (without them hating you)
6) collateral Based Loans
7) Bank Loans
8) Peer to Peer Lending
9) Credit Cards
10) Real Estate
11) Credit Repair
12) Employee Tax Strategies
13) Government Grants
14) Sponsorships
15) Money is Just an Idea



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