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The Review Money Method – Make Money & Get Leads for your business by reviewing products, services & websites that are related to your business!

The Review Money Method – Make Money & Get Leads for your business by reviewing products, services & websites that are related to your business!

You have heard of Consumer Reports, you see Affiliate programs at eBay, ClickBank, Amazon and even Target now…


Because as I stated in The LEAD CAPTURE Method, from a Kelsey Study, 97% of people Research the Internet to learn more about the product or service they are looking to buy.

Sites like Amazon and eBay and many others have HIGH ENGAGEMENT, meaning that people are encouraged to write about any given product or services and RATE IT.

So what if you REVIEWED a product or service you just bought or used to get leads for your business or an affiliate sale.

We DO it all the TIME, it’s called conversation.

Think about when you told someone about a restaurant or a movie you went to and enjoyed… or better yet, you KNOW that person in your life that constantly TELLS others about what they just did or got?  THAT is your Target audience….. THE REVIEWER and of course their friends.

What if you learned HOW to have them HELP you and ENGAGE others to review products and services on your website…. and you just HAPPEN to have some banners (like the one above) for an affiliate link or commission.

You, your friend or relative is going to tell people anyway, why not get paid for it?

Let’s take this a STEP Further…

What if you were able to ADVERTISE your REVIEWS, ENGAGE PEOPLE to WRITE their OWN THOUGHT’s and Start a conversation….which draws eyes to AGAIN… the Banners on your Site for LEADS or Commissioned Sales.

So by USING BASICALLY TWO FREE PRODUCTS we are Practically GIVING AWAY, you could LEARN the Secrets to making money online, while BLOGGING.

You are starting to see how money can be made and how you can help people now aren’t you?



The Review Money Method

and Why Not show PEOPLE where the Money / Resources can be found

The FUNDING Method



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