image AIT EducationFix n Flip

  • LEARNING OUTCOMES – Understand the value of time in a fix and flip strategy. Distinguish the ideal target property for a fix and flip. Identify the steps to achieving a successful fix and flip. Decide which tasks to undertake when doing a fix and flip.
  • MAJOR TOPICS – Learn the purpose and “’how-to” process of fixing and flipping properties for a profit. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various financing and marketing strategies. Review the acquisition, repair, escrow, and marketing processes.


  • LEARNING OUTCOMES – Understand how to leverage resources involved in rehabbing. Identify the priorities, procedures, and techniques of successful rehabs. Learn to manage contractors effectively. Identify the benefits and pitfalls of rehabs.
  • MAJOR TOPICS – How to find the deals and conduct repair and cost analysis. What to do once the offer is accepted. Money makers that sizzle. The stages of a rehab. How to train your contractor.
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