image Essentials Courses by RenatusIf you knew what mistakes NOT to make in your real estate transactions, what would that be worth to you? What if they showed you the short cuts in evaluating possible issues? What if the advice came from a current, practitioner, millionaire real estate investor?

  • LEARNING OUTCOMES – Understand the need to determine an investment strategy and take informed action. Learn some basic property acquisition methods and related benefits. Gain awareness of the concept of property analysis due diligence and the legalities of some common investment strategies. Understand the value of obtaining comparable sales data. Review some basic guidelines on financing, contracts, and the concept of full disclosure. Understand the role and value of a mentor.
  • MAJOR TOPICS – Act vs. procrastinate. Getting it in writing. The consequences of not knowing where and how to find deals. The impact of ineffective due diligence and risk management planning. The need for cash reserves. Appraisals vs. comparable sales. The truth about money, mortgages, and closings. The need for a mentor.

Featured in the National Bulletin Volume1, Issue3

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