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                       Garrett Gunderson – CrusH it!

Mr. Garrett Gunderson is a phenomenal trainer and seasoned professional in wealth creation and protection. Stunning the 2016 National Conference as he imparted his brilliance and is ready to do it again on the coming Founder’s Webinar.

Garrett is a New York Times bestselling author, wealth creator and Financial Myth Buster. His training this Monday, will be a preview of the 2 days of recording coming June 9-10. Join us as we Welcome Garrett Gunderson!

A resourceful person can see opportunity when others only see obstacles,” Garrett Gunderson.

This Webinar is staged to change lives, create wealth and prosperity. This training is reserved for those leaders willing to guide their teams to massive success.

In creating Renatus, Bob Snyder has developed the path of our success predicated on our motivation. Are you ready to create your massive success? Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best.

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Read Garrett Gundersons’ Article on “How Your Business Success Can Help Future Generations”

Who is Garrett Gunderson?

Garrett Gunderson is Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, a New York Times bestselling author of “Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity”. And he’s personally helped countless business owners create efficient wealth strategies that fit their unique strengths.

image Garrett Gunderson and Greg S. Reid

Keynote Speaker Greg S Reid interviews Mr. Garrett Gunderson at the Secret Knock

When I met Garrett Gunderson…..

I belong to a group of higher level thinkers, movers, shakers, successful business people who have DONE, what others “teach” from stage, books or seminars.  On March 21, 2016, I received the opportunity to meet Garrett.  He shared with us an amazing concept, one in which the MILLIONAIRES attending the event wanted to know more about….. by the end of the event, THOSE same people had made calls to restructure things according to what Garrett gave us incite on.  IF successful business owners took amazing amount of notes and then set into ACTION Gunderson’s counsel, what could you learn?

image book cover What would the Rockefellers do

WHAT WOULD THE ROCKEFELLERS DO? How the Wealthy Get and Stay That Way, and How You Can Too

Garrett’s Gundersons Book “What would the Rockefellers do?”

Would you rather earn interest than pay it and eliminate paying fees to bank and jumping through hoops to get loans?

Are you frustrated with being overtaxed and/or being dependent on a volatile stock market?

Do you suspect that the ultra wealthy play a different set of rules than you do, and that their secrets have been kept just out of your reach?

What would it mean to you and your family if you knew these rules and were able to play by them too?

Read this book and finally rig the game in your favor!

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Garrett’s Book “Killing Sacred Cows”image book cover Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity

Our culture is riddled with destructive myths about money and prosperity that are severely limiting the power, creativity, and financial potential of individuals. In Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett B. Gunderson boldly exposes ingrained fallacies and misguided traditions in the world of personal finance. He presents a revolutionary perspective that can create unprecedented opportunity and wealth for thoughtful, mission-driven individuals.

Our financial lives are intimately connected to our societal contributions, and we must be financially free in order to achieve our fullest potential. Sadly, however, most people are held captive in their financial lives by misinformation, propaganda, and limited knowledge. Through well-reasoned arguments, unflinching logic, and revelatory insight, Gunderson defeats common clichés and faulty retirement planning advice to plainly demonstrate the following and much more:

* 401(k)s and the stock market are the most risky investments for most people and the gambling mindset they induce creates disastrous consequences.
* Conventional retirement planning advice, products, strategies, and techniques expose you to significant danger of being unable to retire, or of running out of money prematurely if you do.
* Building net worth is a recipe for creating a life of fear and poverty and how to escape that common trap.
* Debt may not be what you think it is and why that matters to your prosperity.
* ‘High risk equals high returns’ is destructive dogma and how reducing risk can increase your returns.

Killing Sacred Cows is a must-read for brave individuals willing to question common assumptions and teachings, overcome the herd mentality, break through financial myths, and live a purposeful, passionate, and prosperous life


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