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As Founder of Renatus, Bob Snyder dedicates his time to our Growth. He has created our opportunity to generate unlimited success. Come ready to realize your strength and potential.

Warm Market Mastery

A mentor once said to me, “Every one of Resources you need to have what ever you require in your life, is within 80% of your reach right now, if you just take the courage to ask.

Most people are about the “HOW“, to get things done and often over look the “Reason Why” they want to accomplish or get something in their life.

I bet you have heard the term, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know“? I went over this in another post, in greater detail,  but it’s worth repeating in summary.  (See Posts Unlock the Networth of your Network Part I and Your Network = Your Net Worth! Part II)

It’s not just who you know, it’s what you know, that they know AND are you in the right place at the right time, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally?

You see many people can have a great amount of knowledge, but if you don’t have the right knowledge to recognize an opportunity, then you are not really and truly ready for that opportunity.

For instance, you may be here because you want to make money in Real Estate and you are looking for training, however if you have not read a book about real estate investing training or you have never taking a class, then you may not be prepared to actually invest in real estate.  But if it is a WANT or a DESIRE to invest in real estate, and you have read a book or been to a few seminar classes, but know you need a mentor, then you are at the right place at the right time….

Join us Monday February 18, 2013 at 10PM EST/7PM PST to gain insight from the next Renatus Founders Webinar training. This is going to be powerful training!

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Who is Bob Snyder?

image Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder, CEO and Founder of Renatus

Renatus was founded and is led by 25-year entrepreneur, Mr. Bob Snyder. As CEO and President, Mr. Snyder is responsible for day-to-day company operations, affiliate marketing program expansion, course curriculum evaluation and renewal, practitioner-instructor recruiting, and month-over-month increased sales performance.

Mr. Snyder began his entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago with the desire to leave a positive mark on the world. Establishing himself as a marketing leader, he gained first-hand knowledge of what drives marketing and team-building success. Mr. Snyder built and managed sales organizations with tens of thousands of individuals, achieved top status in multiple companies, and became a top income earner in the direct selling industry. He has freely shared his formula for success as he served on more than a dozen leadership counsels and advisory boards in the direct sales industry, received recognition in national publications as an expert in his field and has personally mentored over a dozen marketers to become seven-figure earners.

After years of building and growing marketing teams, Mr. Snyder’s vision transitioned him into developing companies to expand the entrepreneurial spirit that has made this country the world’s economic leader. He has founded and co-founded dozens of companies that have collectively produced hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. His real estate company completed over 2,500 real estate transactions while his former education company trained over 60,000 entrepreneurs on the subject of real estate investing and business ownership.

Mr. Snyder’s wisdom, insight and information will wow your soul. His abundance is overflowing, and he wants to share it with you.
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

His ability to teach the principles and duplicate his distinctive skillset has enabled many of his real estate students to become multi-millionaires. His speaking and teaching style have wowed audiences on six of the seven continents of the world. He continues to share his vision with aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors at live events across the country.

Mr. Snyder’s extensive business and leadership experience more than qualify him to lead Renatus into the future as the premier real estate investing and business education company in the country. His uncanny ability to attract exceptional talent, coupled with his vision for Renatus are paving the way for this company “to empower one million entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially free.”

“My greatest achievement in life,” shares Mr. Snyder, “is not the awards or the companies I’ve built. It’s my 28-year marriage to my high school sweetheart, Holly, and the four amazing children we have been blessed with.”  A kid at heart, Mr. Snyder enjoys “chilin” with the family in the home theater, riding ATVs and motorcycles in the mountains and at the sand dunes and cruising the highways and byways of America on his Honda Goldwing with Holly.

To Your Success & Happiness,
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