Renatus Founder Webinar: Raul Campos – 4 Step Process to Success

image Renatus Founders Webinar with Raul Campos 2013-03-25-FW

Renatus– Raul Campos is an honored FAB member and this Monday Night’s Instructor! Join us Monday night as he discusses the 4 Step Process to Compounding Your Success! How can your day-to-day routine effect your success in months and years to come? Come find out how success is compounded through the simple and profound steps when applied in the correct system!

Join us Monday March 25th, 2013 at 10PM EST/7PM PST to gain insight from the next Renatus Founders Webinar training. This is going to be powerful training!

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Who is Raul Campos?

image Raul Campos

Renatus Founder Advisory Board Member, Raul Campos

Raul Campos spent nearly 20 years as an Independent Investment Advisor, managing money for clients and himself. In 2001 he sold his practice and enjoyed a few years away from Wall Street while contemplating his next move. He discovered the wealth-gaining opportunities found in real estate and wanted to start investing. Raul quickly realized that if he was to have massive success he would need to get the proper education and network with other successful investors to quickly cut his learning curve.

He found the Renatus education and applying those investing strategies and techniques, his success skyrocketed. Raul now completes 40-50 transactions a year and continually adds to his real estate portfolio. Today he enjoys assisting and mentoring others all over the country with this powerful knowledge so they, too, can go out and succeed in their real estate investment endeavors. Raul says, “Want to be a successful real estate investor? GET EDUCATED!

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