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Real Estate Education is an ONGOING process, whether it be finding new creative ways of funding a deal, ADDING MORE VALUE to your Buyers by educating them on Sweep Strategies to pay off their new home faster while reducing debt OR Learning to protect all your assets through corporations or laying out your plan through new legal strategies while getting maximum returns on your taxes through your investments.

From 2005 where the top of the housing market was through the periods of 2007-2010 where many lost much of their retirement, investments, had to file for bankruptcy, forced to do a short sale or the biggest pain for many, loose their house to foreclosure. If you fit any of this, you’ll want to continue reading…. my story.

ALL of this happened to me. I know your thinking why promote Real Estate Education, Tax Savings, Estate Planning yada yada, when you lost it all.  It’s simple, I wanted to become educated.  You see if we don’t pay attention to our mistakes, learn from them and move forward, we will always be stuck in a situation in which we wish we could get out of.  TRUST ME I know A LOT about this.

I had debated heavily in April of 2005 to see my 3/2 condo in a great area, very well established, just off a golf course and across the street from one of the most attractive hiking areas in San Diego, where I was UP $250,000 over what I owed the bank.  But I didn’t.  And for a long time I regretted it.  Fact is I wasn’t educated on the market, trends, possibilities…. and that led to….

2011, just barely holding on financially, my condo was now upside down by $30,000, my job cut my pay by 20%, I was in a car accident, and from a relationship that ended…a huge debt.  All of this led to bankruptcy and eventually loosing my condo because short sales became so complicated from rule changes that not only did it fall through the cracks multiple times, it went to auction!

I was left wondering what happened.  Then I came across Renatus and ONLY, if ONLY I had this education ANY TIME from 2004-2008, my life would be drastically different…financially.

If you suffered from any of these things, it might be a good time to learn not just how to protect what you have, but to learn how to acquire more for far less than what societies path in finance teaches most of us.

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Renatus has TWO new Classes – New Funding Guidelines and SWEEP

Renatus New Classes

Renatus New Classes Santos Kidd, Mark Kohler, Tony Scotty

If you missed last weeks webinar by Santos Kidd on the SWEEP Strategy, you did yourself a HUGE disservice to and might possibly miss opportunities in the near future because your debt is not set up correctly and you are like most, just breaking even or getting by.

The week of July 6th-July 10th the Renatus Corporate Office will host the next amazing Live Class Recording. This includes an all-new class from Christian George and the much awaited SWEEP Strategies with Santos Kidd!


In addition to the new material, Mark Kohler returns to the studio to create with Santos Kidd and Tony Scotty a new Real Estate Strategies portion of the SWEEP class.

IF YOU MISSED last weeks Renatus Founders Webinar featuring Santos on the SWEEP Strategy, we have a copy of it on our previous post at “Renatus Founders Webinar 06/22/2015: Santos Kidd on Sweep Strategies

Each class will be broadcast online to all who hold qualified education.

    The Week Will Run As Follows:

  • Monday: Christian George Presents “New Funding Guidelines”
  • Tuesday: Santos Kidd Introduces “SWEEP Strategies”
  • Wednesday: Santos, Tony and Mark Present “Mortgage Acceleration & RE Investing”
  • Thursday: Mark Kohler Teaches “Tax & Legal I”
  • Friday: Mark Kohler Teaches “Tax & Legal II”

Each Live Class Recording is held at the Renatus Corporate Office (1312 W. 75 N. Centerville, UT) and will run from 8:30AM to 5PM.

Remember to Catch The Founders Webinar Tonight (Monday 2015-06-29) at 7:00 PST

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