Woody Woodward Presents Money Mastery!

Woody Woodward Money Mastery 2015-08-04

Woody Woodward Money Mastery – Renatus Founders Webinar Training 2015-08-04

Money Mastery is a brand-new opportunity for each of us to get a daily dose of empowering stories, examples and challenges.


We have all heard the phrase “Facts Tell – Stories Sell” and even if you are not into sales or marketing you know this to be true.  Look at any commercial today dealing with safety, insurance, car ownership, mortgage rates, perfume to food and beyond.

They are all stories poised in such a way to connect with people in a common recognizable, if not emotional familiar bond, instilling belief, in a truth, a brand, or loyalty to products or services.  Apple is a master at Marketing and Sales through the psychology of ‘You didn’t know you needed it until we showed it to you.‘ campaigns.

We read books, watch movies, sit in social groups and family settings…. To Do What? – Learn stories, tell stories, share in stories, reconnect to past stories….

Why? To have that special connection, to bond and grow closer with people, family and friends.

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Become a Good Story Teller

We all know people who seem to be gifted with telling good stories, people just gravitate to them.  But it’s NOT a GIFT, it’s a desire or passion, to keep telling (practicing a skill, often unknowingly), to captivate people with a good story or situation, that they KNOW others will enjoy as much as they enjoy sharing it.

We all know that if that person we like, know and trust is making that recommendation we are more likely to look at it and even make a purchase on that relationship trust. This IS the SECRET to any Sales or Marketing. Building rapport through stories…. we all do this when telling a friend or family member about a movie, restaurant, service or product.

This is not a webinar to ‘manipulate’ or ‘win friends and influence people’ for sales, it is one of learning HOW to make friends, build relationships and expand our world with even more stories of friendship, belonging and connections.

This is about how to become an amazing connector in building new relationships in positive ways.

Woody Woodward, and amazing life-coach and inspirational speaker, has teamed up with Bob Snyder to create this amazing FREE training on this Founder’s Webinar!

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