Announcing Result Acceleration Investment Software

Since its inception, Renatus has searched for ways to improve the real estate students outcomes and create a greater investing success. On Monday night’s Founder’s Webinar, we shared the details about our most recent enhancement: RAIS, R.esult A.cceleration I.nvestment S.oftware. RAIS is a must have real estate investing tool that will streamline the investing process by simplifying the activities of finding, making offers, analyzing, financing, rehabbing, renting, selling and making money in real estate. Students from across the country have been blown away by the feature-rich functionality this tool offers and look forward to its official release on May 21, 2013.

A complete overview of RAIS can be found by visiting On this site you will learn why some industry experts have called it the most comprehensive, intelligent tool the industry has seen in years. We call it RAIS. Intuitive, detailed, educational, exciting, expansive, simplified are just a sample of what people think of the software. It is a “game changer.” Check out the web site and see for yourself by visiting

Result Acceleration Investment Software - RAIS


What is the difference between RAIS Basic and RAIS Pro?

While RAIS Basic includes many powerful tools to assist you in moving your real estate investing business forward, RAIS Pro takes it to a whole new level with its National Foreclosure data tool, Advanced Analysis tools and Automated Marketing Systems. Please see for a complete feature comparison.

Who will have access to RAIS?

All current and future Essentials Course and AIT Advanced students may acquire RAIS Basic. A monthly subscription fee is required. For those who download and access RAIS Basic before June 1, 2013 the first 30 days will be free. After June 1st all new Essentials and AIT Advanced purchasers will receive a 30 day risk free trial before their subscription begins.

RAIS Pro is available to all current and future AIT Premium Plus, Xtream Plus students and those who are continuing Education subscribers. A monthly subscription fee of  is required, but for those who download and access RAIS Pro before June 1, 2013 the first 30 days will be free. After June 1st all new AIT Premium Plus, Xtream Plus and Continuing Education students will receive a 30 day risk free trial before their subscription begins.

When will RAIS Basic and RAIS Pro become available for purchase?

You may order Renatus RAIS today through your Renatus Business Center. If you order before June 1, 2013 your credit card will not be charged until your 30 day free trial has expired.

When will RAIS Basic and RAIS Pro become available for download?

Official release date of Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Following its release, Renatus RAIS customers will receive an email with the details of how to download and activate RAIS.

What if I already signed up for RAIS at the Renatus National Conference?

No worries, as long as you are a qualifying Renatus Education Customer, your order has been input into the system and is awaiting the official release of Renatus RAIS. Following its release you will receive and email detailing the process of downloading, installing and activating the software.

Do I have to enter into a yearly subscription contract to enjoy RAIS?

No, once the Free Trial has expired you will be charged a monthly subscription price for Renatus RAIS. You may cancel the subscription at any time and begin again whenever needed during your Renatus Educational Redemption period.

If I own the Premium Plus or Xtream Plus AIT package, may I order RAIS Basic or do I have to upgrade to RAIS Pro?

If you are a Premium Plus or Xtream Plus AIT student you may choose between RAIS Basic or RAIS Pro. You are not required to upgrade to the Pro version.

Educational Coordinators F.A.Q.’s

Is Renatus the RAIS Commissionable?

As long as you are a certified “Educational Coordinator*” in good standing with the company you will be eligible to receive commission on RAIS subscriptions. Here is how it works for Essential Course Mentors: You will receive a commission of $10 from each paid monthly RAIS Basic subscription from each of the Essentials course purchasers that are coded to your enrollees.

How does it work for AIT ‘Educational Coordinators?

As long as you a certified Accelerated Investor Training (AIT) ‘Educational Coordinator’ in good standing with Renatus, you will be eligible to receive commission on RAIS Pro subscriptions. You will receive $25 from each paid RAIS Pro monthly subscription from each of the AIT Premium Plus or AIT Xtream Plus purchasers that are coded to your enrollees.

Are overrides paid as well as the Direct Sale Commission on the Renatus RAIS subscriptions?

No they are not. Only the direct sale commission of $10 on Basic and $25 on Pro is paid out.

When will commissions be paid out?

Commissions are paid the following month after the subscription payment has been processed. For example: if your customer/student enrollee makes a payment in April, the commission check will not be available until May. Monthly commissions from Renatus RAIS will be added to your commission check on the first Tuesday or Friday following the 15th of the month.

This is an exciting time for our community.

  • Real Estate Affordability is still solid
  • Interest rates are at historic lows
  • Creative financing options

are all becoming more available and real estate appreciation is climbing fast. There could be no better time to market real estate investing education or to invest in real estate. The time is now and we will do all we can to assist you with the tools, knowledge and systems to help you succeed.

Time to get Educated in Real Estate and use a professional tool – the Result Acceleration Investment Software (RAIS)

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