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Every Monday Night at 7pm our nationwide group of Real Estate Investors get on a call to listen in to the news of how Renatus has helped people, changed their lives.  We are privileged to hear success stories and connect with profiled individuals on that evening’s call.

The best part of these calls are the introductions to people across the nation, so that we, if we choose, can connect with them in their market and partner for real estate transactions.  It allows us to get a market update around the nation, to hear about new classes coming online, new instructors or programs that will benefit all students.  Recently, the most exciting part was the LIFE TIME of Essentials.  If you choose to invest in your real estate investing education of $2,000, you’ll receive 11 classes that are always updated for life.

This call that was done on March 21, 2016 was so special, I had to take the time to create the video you’ll see below about this amazing story and why that investment of $2,000, changed his perception of what quality real estate investing education can do for people.

Chris McIntosh, President of Spokane, Washington REIA explains why embracing Renatus Real Estate Education makes sense and why the Guru’s aren’t coming back

[Transcription follows]

[introduction speaker: Scott Rowe]

Featured story tonight.

I’ll tell you what’s happening with Renatus. I’m experiencing this right now because I got a lot of public speakers and gurus that are coming to us. In Fact – I’m going to be in Philadelphia next week with an individual who had his own short sale program who actually said, “You know what? I can’t out do Renatus. Renatus has something I don’t even want to try to beat, so I am going to go ahead and join (Renatus).”

Well there is no different for our featured story tonight. The featured story tonight actually has been running a REIA for quite sometime and had his own programs got a chance to speak and travel for fulfillment with gurus all over the country. Which tell you, that as we start picking up these stories that there are other people out there that might have the same thing.

Here is what I tell, if your out marketing to folks like the featured story tonight. What you want to let them know is, “Listen, How would you like to be attached to the number one rated real estate investing company in the country. Not have to fulfill anything, but have them pay you half of all their infrastructure anyway?”

I was talking to a guy, I’m like Listen there is no way you could put together the kind of program these guys have put together, you can’t. However, you don’t have to. All you have to do is make sure that you have enough people in your area going and taking this education in so they are good enough to do real estate.

That’s exactly what this guy did. He got a extensive background in real estate investing done a lot of deals, lost a lot, gained a lot, lost a lot, so he’s done the gambit. He is the President of the Spokane REIA. And we are seeing more and more REIAs come on board because of instead of having an individual come in every single week to train and then sell something in the back of the room. What these guys are doing is getting on board, Please help me welcome the President of the Spokane REIA. I am going to go see this guy in a few weeks here, Mr. Chris McIntosh. Come on out Chris.

[Chris McIntosh – President of the Spokane, WA REIA]

Hey Scott, thanks so much I really am so glad to be a part of this thank you for that introduction. I’m so thankful for and honored to be a part of this great company (RENATUS). I want to just say thanks to my mentor John McCants (Renatus Auction Instructor, appears in San Diego Monthly) who came up to Spokane a couple of months ago and did an awesome foreclosure seminar.

Then James Leis (Renatus Founder Board Member) came up last month and his mentorship teaching us about the ‘Mortgage Acceleration Training’ The Mortgage Acceleration Class.

I can’t wait for you to come up Scott, I’m just, it’s just that I am Rock’n and Rollin’ up here, I am so excited to be a part of this.

This picture you see here this is a me and my wife. I couldn’t do this business without my wife, her unconditional support. My wife going on 12 years this year. In the back ground is a picture of the building that I bought.

It was because of real estate education that I was able to purchase building. I’ve been a full time real estate investor for over 11 years now and like you said Scott, I made a lot of money and I’ve lost a lot of money in real estate investing.

I founded and run the largest REIA in North West. HEY GUYS, when I founded the REIA and started it, I hadn’t invested in a single deal but I knew that I needed a community around me. Before Renatus, before I knew anything about the Renatus system, the community or the education, I knew that I had to have a community around me in order to be successful. Because I wanted to invest in real estate for a long long time and I know a lot of you guys out there are just like me.

I did my first seminar in 1989. It wasn’t until I bought Carlton Sheets, Twice, as a matter of fact. It wasn’t until about 2002 that I did my, I bought a property, turned it in to a rental but really got in to real estate full time in 2004. And I just haven’t turned back since then.

But I founded that REIA not really having done any deals because I knew there were other people that invested a lot of money education, but haven’t done any deals.

So this building, that you see behind me, there. I bought that building using real estate education, I bought it using none of my own money and none of my own credit. I bought it for $737.000.

$737,500 and at a 10 cap it’s worth about $1.2million. As a matter of fact I bought this building and got paid $22,000 to buy the building. How did I do something like that? I was able to do that because of real estate education, but see the difference between the real estate education that I got and the real estate education that Renatus provides is I paid $150,000 in my real estate education over the last 11 years.

I’m the guy that would bring the gurus to the REIA and they would sell their products and I would get a little bit of a commission off of what they sold. So I understand the guru model.

I understand what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table buying education just wanting to do this so bad. AND Not Knowing what to do and not knowing how to do it and knowing that you need to have mentors and a community around you. Most of my investment in real estate education has been on higher level mentorship over the last….. once I really started doing deals, probably the last five years it’s really been investing in mentors.

Now with Renatus, I don’t need to invest in mentors anymore. I’ve got some of the best guys in the company mentoring me and helping me with my real estate business. As a matter of fact when I invested in Renatus and John (McCants) contacted me I thought, “oh man, another $20,000 dollar investment in real estate I mean I need more real estate education like I need another hole in my head, right?”

But I got it, I got the picture. I got the program, I figured it out the business model was awesome and it’s a way to gel the community and so you know what, I stepped up, I did it, I bought the combo package. AND THEN I started taking the education.


As a matter of fact, I don’t know if it’s okay to say this on the line here, but I was actually PISSED OFF, when I took my first class the ‘Mortgage Acceleration Class’. I apologize for saying that but I was really upset. Because that ‘Mortgage Acceleration Class’ for a small investment of $2,000. I could take this ‘Mortgage Acceleration Class’ and not have lost all the properties that I had lost in the crash of 2008.

Why did I invest $150,000 in education over the last 11 years and NO BODY TAUGHT ME THIS?

And you know what I realized? I realized, that this company, Renatus, and Bob and Scooty and James, I realize that it’s not, it’s all about you. It’s not about the guru. That’s why Bob brings on programs like the ‘Mortgage Acceleration Class’. Because that is a program that if you just plugged in to that one class and get out of debt in 10 years, it will change your life.

That program right there by itself is worth the investment of $2,000 on the Essential Program.

So, Hey I am just so excited to be a part of this…. James (Lies) came up a couple of months ago we are registering people, were getting people signed up and just that weekend I probably going to do somewhere around $30,000 in revenue.

But guess what? It’s not about me. It’s about my team that I am building in my REIA. I now have a way that I can help other people in my REIA earn a significant income in education. I don’t have to bring the guru in and get a split from the guru and then hope that the guru provides good education. I have to look at my REIA members in the face and say, “I am sorry, you know, ah I thought they would provide the support that they said that they promised.”

You know they (real estate gurus) come in, they do the training, they sell the program and then their gone.

You guys all know how that works. I mean I hope all of you don’t, I hope you just get involved in Renatus before you have to have that experience. But I know the statistics. The statistics are there are only a 5% success rate in the national guru educational real estate model.

But with Renatus the success rate is so much higher because of the community. And because of what we are able to provide, so for me to be able to now help my members get good, high quality education without having to bring a guru in every single quarter…. you know all they are really wanting to do is get in their hip pocket to make a sale.

I mean I am so excited just to be a part of this, to be able to help them get good quality education, so that we can go out and do real estate for real.

Thanks Scott (Rowe).

Thanks James (Leis)

and the team, I really appreciate everything I hope that I didn’t go to long on this, but I am really super excited about our (REIAs) future. I am just really really excited and I appreciate everything you guys do for us.

[Scott Rowe] – Chris I appreciate you. I got a question for you.

[Chris McIntosh] – Sure

[Scott Rowe] – So your running this REIA, right and I want to give people a perspective out there, because there are plenty of REIA’s out there and you know, some body might have the guts to walk in to one and say….

We wrote this ad in here in Chicago, because we had two REIA Presidents actually convert to Renatus with us as well in Chicago. So let me give, so let’s make this a little bit of a training.

“Join the group….joint the real estate investing group the REIAs are joining.” [Scott Laughs]

So, No let me ask you a question. So, when you have your group. You got your members, right and they see people coming in every single week, every single week, every single week….

How long have you been working just Renatus in your REIA?

[Chris McIntosh] – I just started, January (2016) when I started, I mean really started, I’ve kinda been laying the foundation letting people know I am making this transition, I am trying to figure this thing out and you know what? I Over Thought It Too Much to be honest with you, I wish I would have just jumped in when John (McCants) first told me about it, but um really I made the decision probably about January.

[Scott Rowe] – so the question is this, now you have these REIA members who are used to having you bring in “expertise” every single session, like hey guys we got another trainer, go to the back of the room. hey guys we got another trainer, go to the back of the room, hey guys we got another trainer, go to the back of the room. Now they are experiencing something different.

They are experiencing “ONE TIME – LIFE TIME”, right?


Have you gotten any feedback from your REIA members, like, you know they ask you, hey it’s “one time and then life time”. Anything from the REIA members about that vs hey guys were never going to bring back anybody else back in that needs to sell you anything.

[Chris McIntosh] – Well I am a little bit different than a lot of the REIAs in that. At first I did that, I brought in a lot gurus and then I just couldn’t stomach it. AND So I would, I took it down to where I was only bringing in one a year. So to answer your question, and I would just provide the training myself and I was just like, you know, I just can’t stomach, you know. I’d try to find a real good high quality training and bring them in and that’s it. But to answer your question, as far as a feedback.

I am getting feedback that people are really excited about the transition we are making and how the community is now starting to gel. I’ve been teaching real estate investing and coaching, personally coaching investors and they have become successful and then they go off and do their own thing. But now we have a way of keeping the investors in house and all of us working together.

[Scott Rowe] – That’s awesome

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