Corrections officers’ Pension Decreases – Needs Extra Income

Can you relate?

William Robinson Former New York Corrections Officer

William Robinson Former New York Corrections Officer

Maybe your a Federal, State or City employee, maybe even a teacher who busted your butt for 20+ years only to discover your Pension is just NOT GOING TO BE ENOUGH.  When you see that check or deposit how does it make you feel?

It made William upset to see that all those hard years were not going to give him what he NEEDED in the coming years.  He had to think of something to supplement his retirement income.  However, he didn’t want to work harder, he wanted to be smarter.

William started to read books and magazines about business looking for a smarter way. He quickly realized that those successful business people in the magazines and business books created their wealth through real estate.

This was his answer, he thought.  Mr. Robinson then started learning everything he could about real estate, not knowing the mistakes he was headed towards.  Sure he owned 8 properties in 3 different states and the income was nice, but it didn’t come without headaches, while living in Bronx, NY. One of the biggest hurdles he had was getting yet another loan from the bank…. they tend not to loan money after several conventional home loans, even if it is on property.

His tenacity had him looking under every rock and one of those rocks was a Craigslist advertisement for Learning about Real Estate.  Skeptical, but with nothing else to loose, he attended the meeting, saw the community, did some investigating and realized that to solve his growing pains in real estate he needed those mentors at Renatus.  They have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT and still DO IT while helping the students learn the Real Estate Red Flags and how to find better deals.

But more importantly, protecting himself and family as well as his investments, which he not only wanted, but needed.

He decided to attend Renatus, within a few short months, he saw the mistakes he had made, corrected them and set up the proper asset protection that he needed.  Within 24 months, he partnered with other Renatus Students to purchase real estate in bulk as part owner of a 95 unit property deal and then another 59 unit property deal.

Today William Robinson owns over 150 units that give him positive cash flow every month. (SIDE NOTE: imagine if every unit produced just an extra $100.00 a month – that’s $15,000 a month) In reality it’s more than just $100 per door!!!

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You would think at this point William would just go off and enjoy life a bit, fully retire, find a hobby, travel or spend more time with family or friends.  NOPE!!! He saw what Renatus did for him and he wanted desperately to share his success with others.  Even though he was already talking about what he was doing, sharing his knowledge, he wanted to really help others achieve even if a little bit, the success he created with proper real estate mentors, up to date education on real estate, asset protection and how to build that legacy.

William wanted to help others change their lives as well.

Fortunately for William, Renatus has an answer for that too.  (SIDE NOTE: Have you ever enjoyed a good restaurant, movie, place or ???  Did you tell someone?  The excitement of telling other get you a small revenue from that source for doing FREE Advertising, probably not.)

Just as any other large store, Amazon, eBay, even your local bank pays you to refer to them new customers, so does Renatus.  WHY? Advertising costs a LOT of money, for the time, production, research and a lot more.  So their line of thought, why not share the revenue with our satisfied and successful students.  Let them, ‘the product’ tell their stories, share their successes and maybe they will want to do what William and so many more do….. they became partners with Renatus.

That’s correct. As a partner of Renatus, not only does William get to share his story and help others learn, he is looking for future partners for real estate deals and just like any business does, he wants a certain level of competence in a partner.  Looking at the education and training he got from Renatus he uses the referral system to increase his income through the revenue sharing program.

Today, William firmly stands up proudly to say not only that he is “unemployed”, but that he is Blessed to have found new friends across the country who he can partner with on real estate transactions with the same level of competence he attained.

FAMILY SITUATION CHANGED!!!  Before his education, he like so many families across the nation, don’t talk about the financial workings of a family, not about the income, bills, savings or anything else involving money.  That has all changed!  He now has a new connection with his 2 daughters, 1 of which goes with him not just to look at the property, but to perform a real analysis on a potential real estate transaction.

Mr. Robinson can now happily say that there is NO CORPORATION that can pay him what he is worth. His skills in being able to solve other people’s problems in real estate, far outweighs any offering a corporation with great benefits could offer.

If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.

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