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Teacher create passive income through real estate

Own Real Estate on a Teacher’s Salary?

I was looking for a way to get the most value with the least amount of time and that was in real estate

When Chris and his wife started having children, his wife wanted to be a stay at home mom, however she was a teacher as well.  Really needing to be a two income family, they started looking for a way to supplement the income, where Mrs. Albin could be the stay at home mom and their financial worries could be phase out.

Real Estate was their answer. Chris had watched his parents buy real estate as a child and knew it was an option that would work for him and his family. He became so good at real estate investing, that he now had a time issue. Teaching, coaching, and spending time with the family really stretch him. His business did grow to the point that he no longer needed his teaching job anymore. However, it looked very much like he traded one job for another.

He learned how to start making the best of his time, by becoming more efficient at finding good deals and working his business with the least amount of time…. he created a new system.  One that he enjoys teaching his Renatus Students.

However Chris’s love for teaching and his natural gift of doing so in helping others learn, combined with his real estate investing knowledge makes him a very valued member of the Renatus community.

Chris Albin is the Renatus Instructor for the classes

  • Real Estate Red Flags
  • Finding the Deal of the Decade Every Week.

Meet Chris Albin, Teacher and now successful Real Estate investor taking his passion of teaching and his knowledge of Real Estate Investing and helping many people avoid the pitfalls and find the deals.

If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.

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