After the Google updates of Panda & Penguin, Article Spinners had a Target Placed on their Backs

In the past two years, Google has some very aggressive updates to their search engine. They resulted in a reported, 12% – 15% position change of organic search results according to SEO Studies, News Sites, Blogging Sites and Internet Marketing Websites. In the latter, duplicate content done usually by article spinners was highly targeted.
image Google's Updates: Panda & Penguin hit article spinners

However we will discuss the changes to the Google Search engine Panda and Penguin in a moment.

Our focus is What and How Article Spinners were affected…

Article Spinners, What are they?

Article spinning is a search engine optimization technique by which blog or website owners post a unique version of relevant content on their sites. It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to provide a slightly different perspective on the topic. Many article marketers believe that article spinning (article spinners) helps avoid the feared penalties in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for using duplicate content. Ref: WikiPedia

KEEP In MIND this FUNNY FACT: Most News Reported by Online News, TV News and even Newspapers come from a limited number of sources, especially if it is national or international news. EACH Agency SPINS the news, images and story to fit that outlets unique selling proposition. (see below for the list)

What Makes Article Spinners Work?

Article Spinners use a term called SpinTax. Spintax is the text format that you use to create seed articles. It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to provide a slightly different perspective on the topic. SEE Below, I’ve added links, many of them have videos and you will see examples of what SpinTax actually looks like and just how annoying it maybe to read on the cheaper spinners.

There are 3 ways to use Article Spinners

1) Manual/Hand Spinning: This is where you import the article manually or automatically from many sources. You would then manually choose which words to replace manually.
Pro’s: higher spun content, more human readable, but better for higher quality back linking
Con’s: longer time to produce a quality article, several hours or even days if producing for multiple sites.

2) Auto Spinning: As the name implies is an automatic replacement of nouns & verbs to create an article that often is between 30% – 40% spun
Pro’s: Saves time, only a few minutes per article
Con’s: many article spinners produce gibberish at best, this mode is only suited for lower quality back links

3) Combination Spinning: This is where you import the article manually or automatically from many sources. You would then manually choose which words to replace manually after an auto scan or suggest done by the program.
Pro’s: Could save hours of time, produces higher quality content than automated,
Con’s: Even though it’s partially automated, it could still take 60-90 minutes per for 90% – 100% spun article

Pro’s / Con’s of Article Spinners

Pro’s: Many article spinners tap in to article directories, private directories and search engines to pull content, so research time is significantly cut down.
Con’s: Computer Software is only as good as it’s authors skill of the given language, even if language files are used (not many have language files).

What are some of the popular Article Spinners that could be affected?

SpinReWriter 5 Free days then $27/month or $59.10/year – CLAIMS it can pass duplicate content [Good Intro Video] <- High Marks BestFreeSpinner FREE online <- High Marks on a popular marketing forum FreeArticleSpinner FREE online, but you must join <- High Marks WickedArticleCreator $42 for lifetime, [Good Intro Video] – lists many videos and SEO sites for Validation. This is most likely a tool most Article Writing VA’s would use. <- High Marks Instant Article Wizard $7 for a 7 day trial then $77 per year, can compare to CopyScape, pull article research from tons of sources, manual or auto edit, post to blog and can write in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and others. This is most likely a tool most Article Writing VA’s would use. [Good Intro Video]
SpinnerChief FREE version (limited), Paid version ranging from $7 to $177 for a lifetime – [Many Videos]
Duplicate Terminator FREE to use with a sign up.
Content Professor FREE and a $9.99 per month option – Claims best articles available and compare to [Good Intro Video] Claims it is “Panda-proofed”. Free Training Course, This is most likely a tool most Article Writing VA’s would use.
Get Article Pro $77.00 [Cute music video 7 minutes long!]
Spin Robot Free Trial, then $39.95/year – old school spinner
Jet Spinner Must get on their list to get any info
WordAI $19.95 and $49.95 per month plans
SpinChimp $19 per 3 months, $59 per year or $127 lifetime <- High reviews Contentboss $29.99 per month

NOTEWORTHY: While I’ve done some homework for you and gave you clues what to look for, keep in mind the Updates by Google. They were designed to go after “auto-generated content” produced by article spinners. WARNING: if you use any of the above article spinners, please be sure to really read what it produces, take time to validate the information produced and make sure you take the responsibility for the SEO you want done. Also be aware you should do your own CopyScape Checking

Google Updates: Panda & Penguin, How they affect your content that was spun by an article spinners

image Google's Panda Update go after poor content usually produced by article spinnersPanda UPDATE: Feb. 24, 2011*
– Keyword Stuffing: thought is more than 3%
– Poorly written content
– Spun Content (again giggle at the news)
– Illegible content
– Duplicate Content (LOL at the news)
– Thin Content (ROFL at the News)
– Links pointing to your site/article from another site with poor content

image Google's penguin update chainsaw goes after keyword stuffing, often done by article spinnersPenguin UPDATE: April 24, 2012* for Fighting SPAM*
– Keyword Stuffing updates
— Over use of On Page SEO
– Link Schemes
– Cloaking or Sneaky redirects or doorway pages
– Purposeful duplicate content

Before the Google updates, you used to be able to place your 3 types of spun content in various places. For example, If backlinks are heavily moderated, you would use your best content, which would be your hand spun. You would use your automated spun content in places that are auto submit with little to no moderation and with visitors that don’t have a huge grasp on the Language in which the article was written.

In places where there is a lot of traffic, comments are frequent but moderation is low, you would want to use higher quality spun traffic for the purpose of back linking.

What should a Blogger or Internet Marketer do today for quality articles?

The best thing a Blogger and Internet Marketer can do is produce NEW Content that Provides Value to the visitor of the site. A Good Question to ask is: If Google didn’t exist, would my site provide the answer to a given question on ________ ? I read someplace (I’ll update the article when I find it), that Google defines quality content that brings value as an article that could teach a 5th grader how to do something.

The next best thing to do, especially if you like to leverage your time, efforts and knowledge is to use a Quality Virtual Assistant (VA). BE WARNED: as I stated above, many WILL use Article Spinners to generate your content that you are buying.

You would work hand in hand with your new VA’s to train them to produce the type of quality, value added content you are looking for or wish to rank for… of course if you don’t have the time to train, you could consider using companies like,,,,

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It was my goal to help you, the reader, understand more about article spinners, what they do and how the Google Updates of Panda & Penguin affect article spinners. If you have any questions or comments, please input them below.


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