What is Empower Network and the Take Massive Action Organization?

What is Empower Network?

Can I make money online with Empower Network?

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.

If you don’t know, then ask yourself a more important question.

If you Think you CAN or you Think you CAN’T… YOU’RE RIGHT!

image Dave Sharp  How to make money online

Making Money Online is known by many, but if you don’t have a system, just like anything else in life, you will fail and blame the opportunity and not yourself for not using the system… so USE the System to make money online. (click the image to start)

What EVER the first thought that came to your head was, then I can tell you right now THOSE WILL BE YOUR RESULTS.

Your mindset plays a 100% success rate role in your business.

Now if you want to learn how to make money with Empower Network then you have the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY to get to where you want to be.

It DOES NOT Matter if you

  • Have Been a Blogger
  • Had a Website that was Monetized or Not
  • Have Never Done Internet Marketing
  • Have or do not have another Business (direct sales, Multi-level Marketing [MLM] or affiliate)
  • Have a Traditional Business and NEED Marketing Skills
  • Have an email list or not

Many start out with Empower Network fresh out of the gate. Which means they don’t have a clue what to do, where to get started, how to get started, who to get started with.. and when would be the best time to get started.

The truth of the matter is, there is NO BEST TIME, if you are looking, and you already know that Empower Network is an amazing business opportunity, then You ONLY HAVE ONE QUESTION ON YOUR MIND….

image mentorship benefits of take massive action

  • the BEST LEG UP
  • the BEST Bonus Training
  • the BEST (very active) Community
  • the BEST Tools and DONE for you Tools
  • the BEST Motivation and Accountability


So Let’s answer the Question in a NUT SHELL – “What is Empower Network?”

I say “in a nut shell”, because while over the next few pages of this site, you will LEARN More about Empower Network; However you REALLY won’t know HOW or WHAT Empower Network will do for you UNTIL you experience it.

Much like anything in life, take sky diving for a moment.  You know its about jumping out of an airplane, you know there is a parachute, you know what will happen if you pay attention to your sky diving instructor (your mentor), but you also know there is a slim chance of failure and you could end up with broken bones or worse…. but does that REALLY Describe Skydiving?  NO.  You missing the THRILL, the Community, The Places you could Go, The Friends you will make, the Experiences of it all, to be truthful.

Let’s take a more common activity, Driving.  You were a kid, you saw your parents, relatives and later in life friends driving (mentors).  It looked easy, you took the class room lessons (with teacher/mentor), you took the driving test (instructor/mentor) but weren’t you afraid or excited the first time you got to DRIVE ALONE?  What was the experience like, I bet you remember the car, the time of day, what the day looked like, where you first went, everything about what you experienced…..right?

So like ANYTHING in life, IF you SHOW UP with Intention you will have an experience, that experience will be Good or Bad depending on YOUR Attitude and YOUR Efforts, Right?

image mentorsDid you notice the Theme?  Mentor, Instructor, Teacher?  These people have BEEN THERE, DONE That, Made Bad Choices and Learned from them, to pass that knowledge on to YOU so you have a Higher Chance of SUCCESS and most likely a Safer Outcome with at least some Win’s that will Give you MORE Confidence to take bigger risks and know how to navigate those new risks for a BETTER Chance of Success.

That is what making Money Online is all about, the Mentorship, the Success and the Learning Experiences.

The Empower Network Training Program has been put together to GIVE you the BEST Chance of Success to your Internet Marketing Success, that is the correct road map to Making Money Online with FEWER MISTAKES. But it goes BEYOND THAT…

Have you ever seen a commercial, read a newspaper ad, seen a bill board, an ad online, or something to the like and then FELT, like that is what you wanted, something you HAD to do, somewhere you wanted to Travel?  Did you know there is a TON of psychology in those ads?

Why do you think companies PAID $4 million for a 30 second AD spot during the Super Bowl?  They ran some compelling commercials, you probably saw people you were with at the time, Laughing and even looking melancholy as the commercial was Heart Felt in delivery.

Empower Network SHOWs you HOW this is possible, how it works, HOW to Form a HIGH TOUCH Connection with People online using High Technology, much like those Superbowl commercials.

Keep in Mind Social Media was designed to BE a HIGH TOUCH environment, to connect with Friends and Family, to build Relationships and form Business Relations and if DONE Correctly, will have a significant impact on those relationships…… THAT’s What Empower Network can help you achieve.  If you want to know the Secrets to Online Psychology of Marketing CLICK HERE NOW, to learn more about Empower Network.

WARNING FACTS FLYING YOUR WAY: WOMEN are MORE Successful than MEN in Home Based Business

image women success in home based business

Did you know that WOMAN have MORE Success Stories in the Home Based Business Arena than Men?  (there are TONs of Facts and Story, just Google “women success in home based business”)

BUT WHY ARE WOMEN SO MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL in Home Based Businesses?  Simply they LIKE the Connections, they can FEEL the HIGH TOUCH, the Caring, the significance of wanting and caring to help other people ESPECIALLY WOMEN to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

image women success in home based businessWomen enjoy the money they make, but it is RARELY about the Money, its about being at HOME with the Kids, it’s about making their lives a bit easier with the products or services they present or are offered, it’s about the independence,  it’s the Freedom to socialize and connect as well as HELP other people, it’s about the GAINED Self Confidence of Making a CEO Salary from a Kitchen Table, it’s about Breaking all the barriers and stigmas of what women CAN DO in Business.

But Where do the Women Go when it comes to ONLINE Home Based Business?  “Their skills of connection seemingly just don’t translate online“, said a very successful online woman, Miss Tracy W., in an interview I did with her.  “That is why Empower Network and the Group Take Massive Action have set their sites on Women in 2013 to move them ONLINE, to KEEP that HIGH TOUCH using HIGH TECH“.

Isn’t that Interesting….However if you continue looking you will see “MORE Women LOOKING for a Way to make a living online, as most households now require two incomes to sustain it and working from the kitchen table, online, is more attractive than ever!“, said Tracey W.

I have aligned myself with some VERY Powerful Women, so that I can UNDERSTAND what they need and to be able to use my experiences to help them.

IF YOU are a Woman that has a Home Based Business and would like to know HOW to Transition part of it online OR you are a Woman that wants to Start a Home Based Business, then CLICK HERE NOW

image start an online businessWHERE ARE YOUR THOUGHTS on Making Money Online?

There is NO other better time than Right now, I saw this opportunity, and after many years of having a Learning Experience Online (i.e. Failing at it), I saw where I went WRONG immediately when I went ALL IN with Empower Network.  I committed myself to becoming Successful, I took the right mental attitude to accept further learning experiences with a group of mentors, I connected with an extremely powerful group with a TON of Benefits to give myself the BEST Chance of success with not only Empower Network as a business, but with 2 other online businesses that are BOTH HIGH TOUCH as well.


Do you have an Online Business, or a Business that needs more connections to the services or product you have to help fulfill a need?

EVERY BUSINESS DOES!  Without potential clients you can not sell, if you can not sell, how long will you be in business?

IF you DON’T have a Business and you want one, there is NO BETTER TRAINING online, Currently, for understanding HOW to Market CORRECTLY online and build a business online, NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE IN MIND, it could be Empower Network as your business, or it could be your PASSION or HOBBY that you want to take to the NEXT LEVEL as a business.

There is no other best time. That’s exactly how I got into it. I JUMPED right in, COMMITTED myself by getting access to the Viral Blogging System and I haven’t looked back since. That’s what separated me from the crowd.

Most people procrastinate or hesitate and while they are standing on the fence, I was out there taking action, which is why I joined the group called TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, to take advantage of  best money making and training opportunity online.  I went all in, applied the marketing strategies and techniques that I learned in the Fast Start Training Videos and I saw results IMMEDIATELY, NOT JUST in the Empower Network Business, but in my OTHER 2 Businesses as WELL and Added what I learned to my Consulting activities.

It was that simple.

Now to make this excruciatingly simple for you, I’m going to give you access to our groups, Take Massive Action, traffic secrets. These traffic strategies can be applied anywhere but as of right now, I’m putting my efforts towards Empower Network, there’s a GOOD reason for that.

HOWEVER, you need to understand that if you can generate traffic and if you can become that person on the internet that knows WHERE to get Quality, Highly, Targeted Traffic, then there is literally nothing that can stop you. The money you can make is potentially unlimited, because when you think about it – traffic is the key to success.

People say Online Marketing is a numbers a game and they are RIGHT, if you don’t have what I’m going to give you access to (the exact resources, tips, tricks and strategies I use) you won’t have that traffic problem anymore.

The next thing people says is a challenge is GETTING the person to GIVE you their email, but what are you providing in RETURN of VALUE?  What promise are you making to get that email to START the relationship?  AGAIN, if you know this, it becomes easier to take that high quality targeted traffic, give them value they are searching for in exchange for their email….we GIVE you that access to the same resources, tools and strategies.

The CONVERSION….. this is a part of online marketing and sales that people ALWAYS MESS UP, their conversion rate is less than 1% if you are getting started and as high as 5% if you know what you are doing, but if you have ALL the Training that Empower Network and our Group Take Massive Action gives you, we see CONVERSIONS at Nearly 40%?


image Start A Home Based BusinessI Don’t Have an ONLINE BUSINESS, But I want to START ONE….

Empower Network and the position partner Take Massive action is the best program you can be a part of to START your Online Business TODAY.

There is absolutely nothing better available. Reasons being:

  1. You earn 100% commissions.
  2. They have an amazing compensation plan. Which basically means you get more results for the amount of effort you put in.
  3. No refunds.
  4. Part of the biggest, fastest and most successful organization of Empower Network, Take Massive Action

Now these are the 4 main attractions (at least for me). So let’s break it down. 100% commissions means that you are earning and profiting from every single conversion. You get ALL of it which also means that when you make your first sale, you break even. Every sale you make after that is pure profits, meaning skies the limit.

The compensation plan: You basically have your own business inside Empower Network. You have a structured system of people that will produce results for you (it doesn’t really get any better than this). Your can advertise any ethical way you choose and NOT be held back like other comp plans, But wait..

No refunds. Unlike any other major affiliate programs like ClickBank (where you have an average minimum refund rate of 10%) – there is a no refund policy which means you keep whatever you make. Now if your someone like me that does quite a bit of volume in sales. You’ll begin to notice how much of your profits “disappear” when you take into the consideration that refunds and charge backs are being added into the formula.

Take Massive Action organization: it is one of the biggest, fastest growing, most successful and has the BEST Resources not only for Empower Network, but the Take Massive Action Brand and helping you Build your OWN Brand.

So here’s the deal. When you get access to Empower Network, you are automatically going to be part of our team, Take Massive Action. You are going to learn ALL of our traffic secrets – click here to get access to that.

So now it comes down the question I asked you at the beginning of this page. Do you think you can make money with Empower Network? Yes or no?

If you Take Massive Action, I’m going to send you an additional bonus on how to make your Empower Network membership pay for itself. I’ll only be giving this bonus to a select few people that Take Massive Action and I definitely won’t be giving it away to more than a few people.

So Take Massive Action by clicking the BIG BANNERS below, get access to the bonuses and free training and join the top earning organization on Empower Network.

image Team Take Massive Action

image Success with Empower Network

“Always treat others as if their potential has been realized, watch them grow in to their happiness.” ~ William Burdine
“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” ~ Napoleon Hill
“We can not solve a problem at the same level of consciousness we created it from.” ~ Albert Einstein
“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” ~ Napoleon Hill
“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’ “ ~ Winnie the Pooh

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