What Makes YOU Feel Happy, Appreciated and Important?

Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments.

— Rose Fitzgerald

My Name is William

As a connector, volunteer and business owner I work with many entrepreneur networking and success mentoring groups in San Diego. I have spent quite a lot of time active sharing of life experiences, wisdom and business techniques to enhance peoples lives around me.  I have the pleasure of introducing time freedom education through successful practitioners who have saved me and many from financially poor decisions as well to recover from them.  In my spare time, I have come to realize small business owners and marketing people use WordPress and often pay too much to recover a hacked website or give it up.  I recover these sites infected with MalWare, Secure them and teach best practices to insure the highest probability that they will remain up and running as they are vital to your business and my reputation. Visit my Business Website at SoCalCreations

I invite you to connect

I enjoy the give and receive exchange of ideas and techniques to further our businesses as co-mentors. Connect with me and let’s find ways of building better relationships. CONNECT HERE

I have two awakenings in my life.

The first one is learning to live using the “rules of the game” that the well to do and business owners use in this country. I have not arrived yet among them, my determination is strong. I mean you can’t run if you haven’t even figured out what running looks like while you are crawling along or being a benchwarmer of life, right?  It takes time to learn new habits and only those that work within my values system of the golden rule.

The second is understanding the value of a connection. Recently I had the privilege of participating with some very influential people in the United States, I’ll get to that in a moment. I took their advice and applied it as often as I can. You know you understand the concept when someone emails you, calls you or approaches you with a big hug and says, “You just Moved my business forward!“.

Nice to meet you, my name is William, I enjoy connecting with people, getting to know them and hopefully developing a relationship or friendship with most of the people I meet. Today in the ever present ‘Gotta-have-it-now’ society, people tend to forget how to treat other people. I was a victim of this as well, buying into immediate gratification and got pissed when I didn’t have overnight results.
However, thankfully I met some wonderful people who helped me FRAME my View Point and Life a Different Way. So who are some of these People of successful influence, who helped me and I would like to introduce you to…..

People like Mark Victor Hansen (author of Chicken Soup series), Sharon Lechter (CO-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Frank Shankwitz (founder of Make a Wish Foundation), Ron Klein the inventor of the credit card magnetic strip and the modern day computer system that took Wall Street to new heights, Loral Langemeier a self made multi-millionaire from Nebraska whose program has trained over 600 people to become millionaires, Scott Duffy the creative mind behind Fox Sports Network, Les Brown one of the biggest names in motivational speaking….. the list goes on and on.

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