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In my post about “FOUR LEVELS/Stages of LEARNING – ANYthing” I stated that a Mentor once told me, “Poor People have Large TV’s, Successful People have Large Libraries.”

One of the top Basic Learning Fundamentals is “Who do you Listen too“. This basic fundamental helps you become focused on what you most desire, through the process of learning via Mentor. It helps you to produce your goals and associated tasks to achieve what you want, out of life or a situation. Books are a strong mentor, as the story reads, you become part of it, learning from the experiences of the people and situations. When you have a desire, a book, can be a great mentor.

Below are a list of important books in my life, suggested to me by people who ‘HAVE’ what I want, ‘DO’ what I would like to do and are situated where I would like to ‘BE’. Many of these books have been referred to me by various people I have met in my life since 2010. At first I was not aware of the power of the lessons I would learn, even more shocking was what I learned when I read the book again. Another mentor told me, “You will be the same person 5 years from now, except for the books you read and the people you associate with.” This quote took me a while to understand, especially after hearing it from many different sources. It basically means, you will go through life, life will give you experiences, from what you see, read, listen too and who you interact with and if you let it, any one or combination will influence you or your path in life to change for the better or worse, it’s your choice.

That’s a pretty powerful statement, it took me nearly a year to understand that simple quote and to be able to break it down in to what I understood. I found that true to be the case when I started reading the list of books below, the first time I read a given book, I Always Learned something I DID NOT KNOW Before. When I started interacting with people who regularly read any given book on the list below, and then read the book again, I learned something NEW, AGAIN. So it is true that you will change based on Who you Listen to, What you Hear, What you See and What you Experience, each one will lead you to more learning and new experiences.

BUT Before we get to the LIST, Enjoy this Video on how LUCKY we are to have Books

The List of Books – Suggested Order

The Magic of Thinking Big
See You at the Top (for Attitude)
Ask and It is Given
The New Psycho-Cybernetics (the Mind)
The Law of Success in 16 Lessons (how to get Money)
Think and Grow Rich
The Magic of Believing
How to Win Friends & Influence People (pleasing others personality)
The Go-Getter
The Power of Positive Thinking
The Game of Work
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Hung by The Tongue
The Tongue: A Creative Force
What You Say is What You Get

Other Resources for FREE Books

I understand that this list is not for everyone, so I have compiled a list of FREE Books, you can Get Online.

Public Domain – 1000’s of Books in many categories of Fiction & Non-Fiction all before 1923

AskSam.com/ebooks/ – A small selection of classic texts like Shakespeare, and assorted legal & governmental texts.

Baen Free Library – A small library of downloadable science fiction novels, mostly the first in an ongoing series to get you hungry for more.

BookRags.com – A place to find great study guides, ebooks, non-fiction, Plays, Poetry and more.

ManyBooks.net – Over 29,000 ebooks to be read on your PDA, cellphone, iPod, iPhone and more.

Oxford Text Archive – The University of Oxford Text Archive develops, collects, catalogues and preserves electronic literary and linguistic resources for use in Higher Education, in research, teaching and learning.

PlanetPDF eBooks – Many classic literature books you may have read in High School or College all in PDF format.

Bartleby.com – Harvard Classics and encyclopedias are included here in this easy to browse, HTML only site.

Bibliomania.com – Over 2,000 classic texts, study guides, biographies, and more.

Grtbooks.com – A large collection of free-to-read online texts dating back as far as 200 B.C.

Infomotions.com – A collection of over 14,000 documents from full novels to Western philosophy.

The Perseus Digital Library – A large collection of classical texts broken down by the time period they were written in.

ReadEasily.com – A site with e-books specifically with the elderly and somewhat visually impaired in mind that allows you to change colors, fonts, and size to make it more legible.

The Online Books Page – A gigantic directory of e-books from all over the web.

WikiBooks – Many Works of current and past authors, contributed material

O’ Reilly Books – O’Reilly has released many books, most are technical in nature

ONLINE Libraries

Cornell University Library – Books that were digitized in 2008

NetLibrary.net – Multiple Formats (PDF, MP3) for all devices from Academic to Graphic Novels Only a small selection for free; however, annual membership, and access to over 500,000 works, is only $8.95 a year.

Gutenberg.org – The first project for converting public domain works into ebook format; they have well over 49,000 books for FREE

Open Library – Open Library is a digital library with check out features, your state must be a member to access over 23 Million Books

Internet Public Library – A large directory of online texts hosted at other sites.

Other Sources
Public Domain Sherpa – A Resource to finding more places for Free Online Books

To Your Success & Happiness,

“Always treat others as if their potential has been realized, watch them grow in to their happiness.” ~ William Burdine

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