Empower Network TV Presents: Episode 3: Gravestones And Rocket Ships

[Video-3] Believe in yourself, Trying to make everything perfect before you start just means you are going to be sitting on your ass until you die

If you’ve ever had a particular feeling, after you’ve had a dream, and are now awake – remembering, a time when you knew that you were going to get results.

And now you can see why.

Because when you take action, as if you know what to do, and yet don’t right now – then amazing things will happen, to allow you…

…to now figure it out, like you’ve always wanted.

Along the way.

I dreamed a dream, and in this late night fantasy, stepping into a beautiful scene, a hot, sandy beach – waves roaring in the
back ground now, and seeing something fascinating…

…a mysterious stranger, with a straw, rusted hat walked up to me, gently moving his feet along the sand… and as he did, I heard
the ocean, crashing.

Perfect surf waves stumbling along the shore in an orchestra of peace, the straw hatted, blue eyed stranger
walked up to me, and said:

Take action now, and figure it out along the way…like a rocket ship, headed to the moon, guided by NASA, you may not be on the right track now, 99% of the time, yet still, you may remember yourself reaching your destination…as if guided by a mysterious hand…notice how you’re now in the right place, at the right time…

And I was.

Watch today’s episode, now:

Episode 3: “Gravestones, and Rocket Ships.”   <– Click Here And Watch It NOW.

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