Empower Network TV Presents – Episode 6: Dawn of the Vampire Slayers

[Video-6] The Lies of ‘Security’, financial, happiness, job, life, what is secure in your world? Are you sure, this quick 2 minute video asks powerful questions, you should ask.

The following is a true story from David Wood, one that most of us might relate to when it comes to FEAR.

FEAR of loss as in income, job, family, friends, your house, your car, what do you have in your life, that if you lost it, would create FEAR in your, the sudden panic to jump in to action to recover or replace.

The following story is an introduction to a video, just over 2 minutes in length, a video that will ask you questions, hard questions about your life and help you open your eyes to what is truly security, what you truly have control over…. these are questions, focus points, that I am sure you will agree are place we should pay attention to in our lives, yet, we don’t, or not often enough.


In December, 2007 – I’m in the Hills of Hollywood…looking across a fireplace, at midnight, into the eyes of beauty… and say:

“Yes, I Do.”

A month later, Ashley is scheming me into watching her favorite childhood show…

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…when I got started marketing in 2009, I discovered how to make money, fast.

It was easier than I could have imagined.

I made so much money, so quickly, that my mind started to let go of ‘normal’ and I began to challenge all of the assumptions I had ever had in my life.

Things like:

It takes hard work to make money…

Prospecting is the only duplicatable way to recruit prospects…

Don’t get distracted…focus on the long term residuals!

Home meetings are the best way to grow a large home business…

You should do 3 way calls…because they duplicate fast… the internet doesn’t duplicate…

I started to call bull shit.

And I realized something…

…the real reason for ‘slavery tactics’ is people acting in fear.

Fear of their team leaving.

Fear of someone they help someone succeed more than them, that they’ll lose their power.

Fear of losing what they have.

So rather than evolve, there was a growing group of people…who had started to turn into ‘vampires’ – sucking the blood of their lists and teams…to keep their income.

2007 – I’m in the downstairs room of a 2 story house in West Valley City, Utah…

…watching TV with my wife.

I see a girl, a thin, powerful woman, slaying Vampires… and I smile…

…because that badass Vampire Slayer reminds me of who you can be.

…because instead of fear, you can step into empower.

There is no obstacle that can hold you back.

There is nothing in this world that can stop you from being…whatever you want to be.

And it’s time to step up…and:

Join the Vampire Slayers.

Because I’m here for one purpose:

To help you live the life that you want.

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