Empower Network TV Presents – Episode 10: Habits of the Future Millionaires

It’s easy to make money here. It’s easy…
This is the key; you have to have a crystal clear vision of what you want. The problem is that when it is so easy to hit, and you make 30 grand in a month for the first time, your brain shuts off.”
-David Wood

This statement is absolutely true…. because Empower Network is about building a skill set, not just blogging….. yes it has a blogging platform component, but are you reading this post on my Empower Blog?  NO… I am stretching out and taking the 100’s of lessons I am going through and applying them.

That’s the REAL Secret to Empower Network, a skill set, backed by a huge community, leverage on ALL Forms of Advertising BOTH ON and OFFLINE….

WAIT, Why am I on a tangent summing this up….. Go Read it for yourself.

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EVENTS are EVERYTHING, its where Break – Throughs and Growth in your business and personal, happen…

But then again YOU KNOW THIS if you are in Direct Sales (think, SEMA, Detroit Motor show, even a trade show), Network Marketing (Real Estate Education), Multi-Level Marketing (Visalus, Pre-Paid Legal, etc…)…..

WAIT, am I being presumptuous, maybe you don’t know…  Have you EVER Been to a Trade Show, a Car or Boat Show, any Convention in Vegas, LA, Chicago or New York… you know something almost magical happens, YOU DREAM, you ask, HOW CAN I?, WHAT IF?  And Suddenly when you least expect it, you find a way to obtain that which you desire….

That’s how you got you boy/girl friend, your husband or wife, its how you got your college education, your car, your house… you took steps towards an opportunity of desire, sparked by what you saw or heard.


David was talking to his long time friend, Chris Rocheleau

You see Empower Network Events are CLOSED EVENTS, EVERYONE in Attendance is part of Empower Network.

There are NO UPSELLS


MEMBERSHIP has it’s privileges… and when you get 4,000 people in a room in Austin, or 3,000 in San Diego this past September, or even the FIRST Event in Atlanta with only 1,200 people (we’ve grown a bit)… MAGIC HAPPENS.

People are plugged in to LEARNING, not being worried that they may have to RUSH to the back of the room…that DOESN’T EXIST.

What DOES, is a 3 day conference that turns in to a four or five day series of Masterminds, meeting with people from ALL OVER the World, sharing information, Paying it FORWARD, there is NO HIERARCHY or Agenda….. it’s a time to LEARN for your Personal Growth and Business Growth.

Kinda Different, HUH?

THAT’s NOT ALL, the best parts are like FIGHT CLUB…. and you KNOW what the FIRST RULE of FIGHT CLUB IS!


Every good leader knows if they Invest back in to their team, their education and their marketing, they will profit exponentially, which is really the only secret to becoming an Empower Network Leader…. GIVE BACK.  Much of that is taught in our 15k Formula  <- Click to read about it

Remember the Closed Door Policy, the Masterminds I was just talking about?

David Sharpe leads a private mastermind group of leaders
David Sharpe was speaking to the Empower Network leaders at a special meeting during the Austin event, and said this…

“I want you to look around to your left and your right. I want you to look at the people who are sitting next to you; I want you to look at the future millionaires of the Empower Network.”

So, When and Where is the NEXT Event

GLAD YOU ASKED… It’s in Chicago April 19-21, Let me emphasis this…
ONLY Masterminds, Networking and Learning
If you are on the Fence here is excerpt from Dave, on February 20, 2013

As of writing this, we’re already 2/3 of the way SOLD OUT.
If you were in Austin for our last event, or heard what happened, you know there are no events on earth like Empower Network events. And Chicago will be…. Bigger. Better. And more BadAss. (and Austin is hard to top) just get there. Trust me.
Next, as you may (or may not) know… we just launched ENTV 🙂
And let me say this… what you’ll see on these episodes will never be seen in Hollywood or on “primetime” TV. it’s just too good.
So here’s what i want you to do:
Go to check out today’s and yesterdays episodes, here:
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(Lol. Yes – we are ridiculous for a REASON… so keep watching, and keep learning)
I want you to leave your comments – let us know what you’re thinking, and share those episodes by clicking the social media buttons on the left of the post.

Hopefully you are at the point of saying… “I am DONE, being a Damn Wussy*”.

David Sharpe says it best…

“Hey guys, you know what, I just have a question for you. Are you ready to release your inner badass? If you are, get all in. Stop being a damn weenie and just get in would you?”

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To Your Success & Happiness,
image William Burdine3-william-burdine

Always treat others as if their potential has been realized, watch them grow in to their happiness. – William Burdine
Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. – Napoleon Hill
It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.– Napoleon Hill
It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’ – Winnie the Pooh

Gang – obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication. Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document. If you want to see the average earnings, please see our Full Income Disclosure. Make Sense?

* WUSSY (Empower Network terminology): The little voice in your head that says, “you can’t”, “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have the time”, “That doesn’t work”, “I haven’t met anyone making money”, “I can do it by myself”, etc… It is the voice of all the REASONS you FAIL, that prevent you from Taking Massive Action and Changing your life. If you want your life to change, you have to be willing to change some things in your life….when you get to that point, you are READY for Empower Network…. WUSSY’s are NOT ALLOWED!

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