Empower Network is not just for the individual or for the affiliate marketer, it can be a leveraged training tool to lower your cost of marketing for your business or move your business in to the profitable area of the Internet.

IF you OWN a Business or you are a PARTNER in a Business, your bottom line to stay in Business is to generate revenue.  Your second Focus on Business is to create as  many TAX WRITE-OFFS as possible.  After that it could be Customer Service, Product Development, Training, Systems implementation, what ever your business looks like and if you truly run it like a business your goals are in a framework of similar alignment.

The purpose of your business could be anything, but the number one reason anyone goes in to business is to make money.  Now before you argue that point, I know you had a desire, a passion, a calling, a hobby that blew up and the bottom line is you got going because of it, however somewhere along that path, you realized you could make money and started a business for profit, am I right?

Depending on your business as it grew and you and your employees grew, you ran in to hurdles and two of the biggest hurdles any business has is Marketing, Sales and Retention or the continued customer support for up sales or maintenance agreements.

Marketing is all about reaching out and connecting with those who are looking for your product or service and making them aware that you have the solution to their current issue, hurdle and even problem.  If your product or service has enough value that can take the pain of their current issue, hurdle or problem, the selling part is almost automatic, especially if your price point is easy to swallow in your given niche.

Sales on the other hand is really a special ability to find the customer, usually in a given niche, and show them how your product or solution can really increase their bottom line or customer retention. Most small businesses have a few people who wear both the hats of marketing and sales and are truly confused just how to present a solution and close a customer.  Often Sales deals with facts and figures while marketing deals with the stories of successful implementations.

Then theres the Retention.  Keeping a customer, brining enough life time value to keep a customer for the long haul for a maintenance contract, or relationships to up sell or restock a product or supply.  Retention sometimes wheres all the hats, especially if they are up selling to an improved product or service.  To often Retention is called customer support, however customer support and retention are two totally different personalities.

So how does Empower Networks Trainings or Products help my business.

I am just going to be blunt and direct and I hope that is okay for you.  As you know places like Borders Books, Best Buy and many specialty stores like Sharper Image that catered to up scale toys or convenience items for the home or lifestyle are all disappearing in a market that is increasingly going online.  The numbers of stores and large malls are being replaced by Amazon.com or eBay.com for every day and specialty items.  Even book stores are changing as more and more publishers are bringing new and old titles to ebooks.

Yet one thing remains and is increasing…. marketing online.

Many small businesses hire webmasters to create their store front, but they often lack customer engagement or interaction on the website.  As a result they hire a social media person, only to discover after paying hundreds of not thousands of dollars that they have NO IDEA what the return on investment (ROI) was for the service(s).

Many webmasters or social media companies are often small businesses themselves having less than 5 people and often outsourcing work to various countries around the world.  The reports that are delivered to the client (i.e. your business) are often doctored in such a way that it looks like your business is gaining customers.

My favorite scheme is the promise that your webpage will be on the top page of Google.

I can speak from experience after being in the business for 10 years, working only with a few clients at a time to give personal touches.  I attend many meetings where so called web companies are doing what I have written thus far about.  There a few facts about Internet marketing that any company should be aware of

1) Google, Bing and other search engines are always ‘evolving’ and what is on the front page today, will not be there next week

2) Social Media (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many more) are interaction sites, if they are not included on your site, due to the recent changes of Google and Bing maybe loosing ranking on search results.  A fun fact is that the MORE Google products you and your company use, that are tied together, the higher you will rank on GOOGLE’s search results.  A similar trend is happening on Bing as well with Microsoft products

3) Knowing how your customers want to connect with you is the preferred way you should set up your interaction, it could be email, social media or a news letter, even text messaging.

Back to my WHY Empower Network Products and Training can HELP your Business.  The Empower Network products are a standardize system of training. They can take anyone from NOT knowing anything about Internet Marketing to being educated on how your products and services can best be marketed online and on which platform (email, text messaging, online, offline, social media, etc…).

Now imagine this.  You have a few employees and they all want to learn more about Internet Marketing….the Empower Network suite teaches them all the same information in a standardized way from not knowing anything to becoming, well Empower Network has people that make six figures a month using this training.

Even if you DON’T HAVE the time to implement what you or your employees learned in the training, you are now educated to have a discussion with web masters and social networking companies and to co-create an online marketing and interaction system that will help your company’s Marketing, Sales and Retention.

What about Customer Support or Continued support?

Great Questions.  Empower Network has a support staff that handles technical issues from a product view point and as you connect through me as your sales associate for the product, well my team has well over 50+* Internet Marketers, Web Masters and Social Media professionals, each with 10+ years of experience and we ALL USE the Systems in Empower Network to keep our level of service standardized for your benefit.

If you or your company needs the RIGHT Internet Marketing Training system and Strategies to transition from brick and mortar to the Internet, you will be glad that you connected to us.  Click the banner below to get started.

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*in the last year we have had well over 1000 people come on to our team, however we have 50+ specialized people with 10+ years of experience in each of the areas of Internet Marketing, Web Masters (HTML, CSS, WordPress and more), Social Media Experts (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more), Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

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William Burdine is a Relationship Marketer in person and cyberspace and a Real Estate Investor providing solutions for Internet Marketing Training & Real Estate Investor education as well as Website Consultations. Did you find the content in this post Helpful? IF you did, Please Share it with the Social Icons and LEAVE your Comments Below.Thank You.