4 days of coincidental reflection

Life has a way of reminding you of poignant times… the past 4 days has been one of those moments in time. It started with the last day of July 2015 and for the following 4 days, powerful emotions seem to lead to an unexpected awakening this morning. A connection with the souls of the world, a unity of life, symbolism that makes you stop and reflect as it is so obvious, you can’t help but to do so.

So it is fitting that I wake to find a touching video story of community fellowship and gathering when I awoke today.

Blue Moon July31 2015 Washington DC via NASA

image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Day 1

A full moon is cause for most to stop in fascination, if only for a moment, to take in the beauty of our nearest celestial body. On this past Friday, July 31, 2015, we saw the 2nd full moon in a month, a “blue moon” an event that happens every 2-3 years when we see 13 full moons a year instead of just 12. A Blue Moon seems to cause even more people to stop, cameras to come out, people to share stories, kids and adults stare alike, almost amazed at the wonderment we get to witness. It is a moment during a month where the gravitational pull on our souls is at it’s strongest pull, and for some, a moment of letting go or to refresh one’s thoughts.

Day 2

The following day, Saturday I attended a memorial for a friend with a group of friends we have always refereed as family. Having only witnessed a “blue moon” the night before was only fitting to say goodbye and let go of our fallen friend during our memorial picnic with 50+ friends and as many family members from all over the south west and across the United States, even if for a few hours of memories from the past 15 years.

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Day 3

American Flag POW-MIA FlagFeeling like I have honoured a fallen friend the day before, my girlfriend and I took a drive up the coast to San Jaun Capistrano. A planned trip, to share our lives, conversation, pictures, food and what refreshes anyone, to get out and away, if only for a moment and enjoy life’s company with the one you care about. We walked the Mission, taking many pictures, reading some history but most of all enjoying the beauty away from our familiar area of San Diego.

This too felt fitting to conclude a weekend of refreshing my mind, body and soul. The peacefulness of people deliberately being reverent, respectful and pleasant. Seeing a young couple getting their engagement pictures taken in multiple places of the old monastery. Yet it wasn’t any of that that made me stop, stare and soundly reflect on life, it’s relationships or situations…. it was a veterans memorial park down the street.

A flag pole with not just our country’s flag as we have grown accustom to seeing, but a POW-MIA flag. Those and their families that have sacrificed so much so we can have not just our liberties today, but an example to the world of what a volunteer would do for their country and it’s belief system.

A gentle reminder, again, of the unity of comrades who get together for a single purpose that binds them, like our group had with our motorcycle rides… our family.

So the weekend is over, the full moon, saying goodbye to a dear friend with extended family and a soulful few moments on a Sunday…..

Day 4

Then Monday, today, August 3, 2015…. the fourth day.

Another quip of life… a video story of a man in Tacoma Washington who plays TAPS every night at sunset. An soulful 24 notes that seem to always call attention of people to stop, stare and stand with a fortitude of deliberate honor and respectfulness.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Many believe they see things, hear things or experience things during a “Blue Moon”, what was your weekend like?

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Earl’s images: William Burdine
Video: Jon Jong
Blue Moon info [http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/blue-moon.html]
Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls [http://www.space.com/30128-blue-moon-thrills-skywatchers-2015-photos.html]

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