Government Web Sites Close due to lack of funding.

image Government Shutdown White House

Government Shutdown White House

The Obama Administration Promised to have more “Transparency” in their actions to be accountable to the United States Citizens. However the Government is severely underfunded, due to the Open Check book they thought they had, otherwise known as YOUR TAXES, my fellow Americans. See

So why this email? Why this reminder of transparency?

Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available. We sincerely regret this inconvenience.” – See for their response.

THIS IS WHY!  Many of the .gov websites have been taken down due to budget constraints, funding and well lack of man power as a result.

There Goes your Promised Transparency.

But even more importantly, instead of them just leaving the site up and making the pages that need regular updates unavailable has done even MORE HARM.

When you take down an entire website, the search engines, you know them as Google and Bing, will get a lot of errors when going to what they knew.  Soon, which is 48-72 hours in Internet time, the search engines will stop indexing the sites due to errors of non-content.

What does that mean to you?  Well IF and WHEN the sites come back online, it may take weeks for the search engines to index and catalog their presumably new information.  This translates to a lack of ‘Transparency’ again as any resulting Government site that you would like to use, will not show in the search results you are looking for, possibly more than just a few weeks, but months.

Thanks Obama for yet another promise failed….and no refund on my taxes that went to this public transparency.  What’s really funny is that Obama, AGAIN, is blaming the Republicans (see Video at  Now even though I am registered Republican, I think they are morons as well as the Democrats.  Other parties are starting to look a bit better, however they are not ready and some times are too radical.

Please send this email to anyone you know, liberals and democrats come to the top of the list. Suddenly, the Pink Floyd Song : Another Brick in the Wall, seems appropriate today.

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