Mr. Obama* in his FIRST inaugural address stated,

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works.”

image sinkhole of bureaucracy

“sinkhole of bureaucracy” – image from Washington Post

No I find this statement absolutely hilarious as I, nor ANYONE I have EVER spoken too thinks that the government is ‘too small’. People of America who voted for Obama on his second term… IT’S YOUR FAULT.

Okay not entirely, there was NO Qualified Candidate from any other party either and most Americans that DID VOTE, did NOT understand fully what or who they were voting for, like that’s a surprise news break….

But I give exception to Mitt Romney. At least he understood business, he knew how to run a business and despite what people think now days, government is a business that has yet to be treated as a business.

For example

  • The rollout of the cost millions of dollars more than it should have due to a poorly selected firm who obviously did not know what they were doing…many LONG standing web development companies publically stated what and where the issues are and could have fixed them prior to the launch.
  • The Census Bureau tried using hand held computers, but went back to paper…that cost the American tax payers $3 BILLION for that experiment.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs computer system was an issue, it held so much paperwork that an auditor feared the floor might collapse.
  • For More sites see below

I hope those points were as shocking to you as others I heard today on the radio in their reading of “The Washington Post’s” article “Sinkhole of Bureaucracy.”

This article highlights not just these points, but exposes again a large cavern where over 300 government employees process retirement plans by hand…. BY HAND. No Computers!

The article walks you through a vision of what the paper trail looks like, how the paper is treated and how frustrating the tasks can be to process the paper. It took on average 61 days to process the paperwork BEFORE Obama took office and due to the new policies…. It grew to 156 days on average to process a file.

The last few lines in the article are a real ‘humdinger’ as my Grandfather once said. However, I am fairly certain it won’t surprise you.

Think about that for a moment….
YOU the American Tax Payer

  • Pays in some part to get a candidate elected
  • Pays for their salary while in office
  • Pays for their ‘needs’ while in office
  • Pays to fund their retirement
  • Pays in to their pension plan

BUT you Got ROADs, Schools, Emergency Services….. How is all of that working for you?

  • The Roads have pot holes
  • The Schools are underfunded, producing under qualified job applicants
  • The Emergency Services…. Well, I’ve called 911, three times in my life and have been placed on HOLD, twice!!! And not just for a few seconds, one call was over 10 minutes on hold and the other 5 minutes.

And as for the Obama administration ‘helping’ the cavern full of government employees become faster at their jobs…. They threw in more employees. I guess that whole ‘putting people back to work’ promise…

Please READ the Article, Please be an INFORMED American, Please be an INVOLVED American, Please show your American pride by not just buying American products or waving our nations flag….spread the word, get educated, help others get educated. There are NO PROBLEMS that cannot be FIXED when people get together and work together, stop relying on the Government.

* No I STILL won’t call him President; I did not vote for him, he does not have the same view points as the conservative (not Republican) party nor I and he has really absolutely no clue what his administration has done to many businesses I speak with on a weekly basis.

Government waste tracking sites


PLEASE GOOGLE “government wasteful spending” and LEARN…. People are using the Internet to not just supplement their education, but increase their awareness. USE this knowledge bank, spread the word and help others understand, this is our country, it’s PAST time to take a stand….. BEFORE the government actually implements its decision to ‘CENSOR the Internet’.

Don’t believe that either, Google “censor the internet”

Thanks for your attention, I appreciate your comments.

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