Pronounced at Stick-a-bil-ity

A Term that has a similar meaning to Persistence, yet it goes beyond Persistence.  Stick with me here and I’ll share an amazing story that will leave a lasting impression in your mind…. Visually.

Man is Visual, we see images, it’s just how our brain works.  But if you want to retain something, something important, something you want to do or share with others, you become active in the information.  Whether it be repeating, doing or sharing with someone else, you choose and experience, one that is viewed ‘visually’, but is backed up by what you heard and what you truly did.

pyramid-of-learningHere is a simple chart that explains it ‘Visually’.

Now, that is NOT my story, this isn’t about the Persistence known as Stickability.

Think of Stickability as persistence in the face of all obstacles, a vision above all that is thrown in your way of your goal….. The desire to BE, HAVE, COMPLETE, or DO as badly as you NEED to take your next breath of air.

Now you are getting close to what Stickability is about.


But it’s more than that…. Let’s do a little exercise that will help you Unlock or Unblock what YOU Most want out of your life…. It’s okay, it’s simple and mostly painless 😉

Read the Following OUT Loud and Fill in which ever, combination or all you desire.

I DESIRE to BE  _____________ – WHY?

I DESIRE to HAVE  _____________- WHY?

I DESIRE to DO _____________- WHY?

Did you read them OUT loud and fill in the blank(s)?

IF NOT, you are cheating yourself out of learning and your own happiness.  Look at the Learning Triangle again and notice how hearing is 5%, Reading is 10%, Audio-Visual (what you’re doing here AND to COME in a Moment) is 20% and YES you are even demonstrating this to yourself, which is 30%.

You are Learning about yourself in this exercise.


Ask yourself, “What’s holding me back?”  Seriously, ask yourself this question out loud

What is holding me back from _____________

Still need help, let’s explore the TOP 10 Reasons people admit to in holding themselves back from not only success, but living a good life?

  • LACK OF VISION: this is often the most admitted to, when pressured with the question of “Why?” over and over for clarification.  Which starts with those 3 questions above.  When you have a CLEAR PICTURE of what you desire to BE, HAVE or DO, not only will you conquer this one, but you’ll also knock out number 7 as part of the process.  REMEMBER: We are Visual Creatures, so really take a moment an picture in your mind that moment of happiness in your life that you want to feel over and over again when you become, have or do what you most desire
  • NEGATIVE EXPECTATIONS:  The majority of people growing up required more negative feedback than positive, starting with the word “No” as a child.  For the most part people peer pressure themselves, talk down to themselves or can’t see how they can have, be or do anything they want.  Simply because we don’t believe in affirmations or positive expectations of ourselves, we are all the same, why do people view themselves one way and others another?
  • BLAME: and its’ companions ‘Shame’ and ‘Justify’ are only done by one person, YOU .  It’s all about holding yourself accountable and not blaming others for your past or choices.  The sooner we accept the responsibility we start making progress forward.  That is learning when we don’t succeed at something the first time, we evaluate and try again.
  • NEGATIVE BELIEFS: There is a voice in my head that says “I can’t do it”, “I can’t have it”, “I’m not good enough”, etc.  When you BELIEVE that no one else can HEAR that voice, you start to understand that if you did not HEAR it via your Ears, then the “voice in my head” is someone else.  Funny I know, but it works when you concentrate on viewing it that way.  Instead ask yourself other questions, but out loud so you can actually HEAR YOURSELF.  Like “How Can I have ____”, “What can I do for _____”, “I can do _____”, ect.  By really hearing yourself (with your ears) for a couple of weeks, you’ll notice the voice in your head, well moved out.
  • FAMILIARITY: or a rut in my opinion.  Just because you are familiar with something will ultimately get you to the place of developing fears of the unknown.  Instead, embrace the unknown, the change; look forward to sudden hurdles, each alternative WILL present another choice for you to try.  So do it.  Two  favorite quotes come to mind, “When God closes a door, he opens a window somewhere.” AND in my opinion even better “If you keep knocking and pushing and it’s not happening, it’s because there is a better solution, you haven’t discovered yet.”  YET is the key word, end all your sentences of negative and the unknown with YET.  It helps the mind FIND a Solution!
  • NO TRUST: As the above items have conditioned you to a place in your life through your current experiences, an inherent lesson was learned of not trusting others in negative outcomes when relying on people or situations.  It’s time to go back to a moment of calmness and listen to your heart through your desires than an immediate conditioned reaction.
  • LACK OF FOCUS: otherwise known as lack of thought out and planed goals. There are many teachings on creating goals, the most popular one being S.M.A.R.T.  It’s the “T” or the Timeliness of completion that is the usual end result as the expectation of the goal was not as realistic as it could have been.  When the Time is SET and MET, confidence builds in creating goals and in life as more goals are met.
  • WRONG VIEW OF HAPPINESS:  Thinking you need a big, car, house, spouse, better job or more money, then I could ‘X’, IF I had the time.  These are all excuses diverting from the real view of happiness for you.  Not anyone else and certainly not the “Jone’s”.  Happiness is defined through introspective questions as in the beginning of this post.  Following each answer with “Why?” until you can no longer ask “Why?”  That is your base of happiness, the start of your fulfilment.  Doing this exercise has people changing relationships, jobs, where they live and more, when they discover what happiness is for them. AND stays off the next….
  • SETTLING FOR MEDIOCRITY:  along with Familiarity and Wrong View of Happiness, most people just settle with what “feels” secure, falsely convincing themselves, “This is as good as it gets”.  Change your habits, change how you view outcomes, think differently, go do different activities, meet new people, life is about change, not mediocrity.
  • PASSION PROCRASTINATION: GUILTY, hey, I ‘m just saying.  I know what I would Love to do and I bet you do to, IF you did these exercises.  There are people who are very successful in business and in life, but are unhappy because their life hasn’t given them what they truly want, fluffiness.  This is not about money, it’s about doing what you love, your passion.


How many of these are really familiar in your life?  Do you believe it’s time for a change?

Are you beginning to understand that it’s not just want you desire, it’s what you are keeping yourself from getting what you desire.

Now, Let’s try this again, shall we?

What is holding me back from Being WHO you want, DOING what you want, or HAVING what you want?

In the beginning I told you I was going to share a story, a Visual – Audio Story, which further help you to understand what your Stickability should be in your life.


I hope this will STICK in your mind, hopefully for days, Book Mark this page to your favorites or the video to keep a constant reminder.

Please Leave your comments, better yet, share with not just me, but anyone reading this post, your experiences currently and changed.  Share this post with people, help yourself by helping others achieve their potential by taking this challenge.



Stickability by Greg S. Reid


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