Google Glass – How to Hack it as a developer

Last Year Google Glass was released as an “Explorer Version”, meaning it was meant for developers, media, security, hackers, etc… so that Google Glass can be developed as a world community from a software perspective.

The GOAL of the Google I/O conference in hacking Google Glass was to get input from those early adopters, especially developers, in what should be included in the yet to come SDK.

The Google Glass has certain security measures to allow it to run, but currently could be hacked in to by others with a bluetooth connection.  The current security measure, however keep the USER Directory safe and the operating system partition safe… to a point as you will see in the VIDEO BELOW.

Shipped Google Glass Explorer Version

The “Explorer Version” is locked at the following, HOWEVER at the time of expected consumer launch near the end of 2013, Google Glass will most likely be running on a near latest version of Android.

Operating System

  • Android ICS MR1 (4.0.4)
  • API Level 15


  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Microphone, Camera, IMU Sensor, Touchpad
  • Transparent Display (640 X 360 px)

During the Conference ‘HY’ highly suggests since the ‘Glass’ is transparent, for developers to use a BLACK background and white characters to not only offer high contrast, but to save on battery power as well.

Android Debug Bridge – Not Void your warranty

(Client) Laptop
– download the latest Android SDK
– [SDK directory]/platform-tools/adb

(Host) Glass
– use “Device Info” settings Card
image android debug card

Things you CAN NOT DO with Google Glass, until you void your warranty

– No Root Access (can not access /user)
– Can Not Delete Stock Glass Apps (/system/app)
– Can Not Replace the Operating System

VIDEO Google I/O 2013 – Voiding Your Warranty: Hacking Glass

image voiding your warranty hacking google glassRecorded: May 16 2:35 p.m.-3:15 p.m. (PDT)
Glass is ready for hacking! See what is possible with the hardware platform and how you can gain root access. Learn how to run your own experimental applications. Disclaimer: you’ll be stepping into uncharted and unsupported territory!
See original video at

Key Slides Time Lines
6:50 – DEMO ASOP (Launcher & Settings) & Simple Android SDK (Warranty Safe)
15:11 – VIDEO what can be achieved with sensors and imaging? (this is pretty cool)
16:20 – Limitations of Google Glass (under warranty)
19:42 – VIDEO on ALL the Below Instructions and HOW LONG each Takes
21:09 – DEMO Running Ubuntu on Google Glass
24:06 – SUMMARY
26:25 – Questions & Answers

FIVE Commands to Hack Google Glass

WARNING: To fully understand what you are doing, watch the above video in it’s entirety or go to time stamp 17:10 and start watching
– $ adb reboot bootloader [SDK Directory]/platform-tools/fastboot]
– $ fastboot oem unlock [REMOVES all User Data (like factory reset) & security, voids warranty, removes OTA updates – NO ROOT ACCESS YET]
– $ fastboot flash boot boot.img (available at (contains RAM Disk and allows for root Access, but their is a trick, watch the video)
– $ fastboot reboot (finally root access)
– $ adb root

LAB’s Features will NOT be released – YET

Resources for Hacking Google Glass
– stackoverflow (participating)
– GitHub (participating)
– google-glass-api (participating) (The Explorer Community – IF you own Glass already)

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