Google Now is the Technology that Learns what is Important to you and shows you the relavant information at the right time in your life with a series of cards….currently.

Starting as a 20% project in Google, it Google Now has grown to a Major Part of Googles products in just 1 year!

The Following Video was done on May 15, 2013 at the Google I/O developer conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco… take a look at what Google Now can Do for You.

Google Now is available at iTunes for iOS and Google Play (Android v 4.1 Jelly Bean)

As the technology evolves, you can clearly see how Google is an information gather and disseminator.

What are the Features of the Google Now Search?

image Google now Cards

Google Now gives you what you want when you need it.

  • Calendar and itinerary items: Google searches your calendar and email to show you the information you need next, without you having to search your device.  Imagine your device (Android Phone, iOS, Google Glass) acting as and telling you what is important to you next.  This includes updated Flight Status at airports, even Train, Subway, Bus and Trolley schedules and when you arrive at your destination another card shows up with your reservation information at hand.
  • Reminders (new i/o -2013): set reminders (based on time and location), using voice commands, which can be added to your itinerary. In the video they give an example to set a reminder to buy eggs when you get to the store Safeway.  In Reality, when you arrive at the Safeway Store, Google Now reminds you at that moment, to buy eggs.  How is that for a HONEY DO list?  Girls Get Excited, you NOW have a Remote Control for your Man 🙂
  • Nearby Attractions: Based on where you are, Google location services will show you whats near, even popular pictures in the area
  • Current Traffic: not only will it show you traffic, but suggest alternat routes if the traffic is congested
  • Current Weather: in a new city, not sure of the weather patterns, you will love this convenient reminder
  • Sports: Never miss a Hit, a Touch Down, a Par Stroke, or score of your favorite team or sports personality, get updates – yip even in a boring board room.
  • News: Information that matters to you most, comes when you want it next
  • Restaurant Reservations: get reminded of a dinner or set a reservation for one.

THE BIG TAKE AWAY with Google Now

The MORE you use it, the More Helpful Google Now becomes by learning your habits and making suggestions of things you have to or like to do in the places you need to be.  Using a technology that is coined as Persistant and Implicatent Search the Power behind Google Now is the Knowledge Graph.

Learn More at the Google Now Home Page

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