Accelerate Your Business – Mike Adams and Noah Anast!

2015 07 20 Renatus Founders Webinar Accelerate your business

Accelerate Your Business – Mike Adams & Noah Anast!


Sales and Marketing training is a vital part of doing your business, so why not seek out as much as you can from wherever you can?

Are you looking to move your Business from 0 to 60?  This Founder’s Webinar is the place for you!  Mike Adams and Noah Anast are 2 Pro’s who are just hitting their stride.

Come learn how you can apply the 4 money-making activities in ANY MARKETING OR SALES COMPANY:

  • 1. See the People
  • 2. Tell the Story
  • 3. Build for Events
  • 4. Follow Up

Robin S. Sharma said, “We can accelerate our acumen, performance and success by leveraging our associations and spending time with people better than us.” Renatus is a community that harbors the greatest ideals and cultivates financial freedom.

This Webinar is staged to change lives, create wealth and prosperity. This training is reserved for those leaders willing to pursue massive success.

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With 17 Practitioner Instructors, 33 Real Estate Classes, Personalized Coaching, Online Investing Software and Local Communities Across the Country, Renatus is the Premier Real Estate Investing Education Company in the United States. Over 11 years and 6,000 Real Estate Deals Later… Renatus is a simple no hype approach to creating serious cash in real estate.

Our Motto: “If You Want to be the Best, You Need to Learn from the Best.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best CLICK HERE to RESERVE your Spot for this FREE MARKETING TRAINING on July 20, 2015 at 7pm pst

LEARN ABOUT SOME OF THE Founders Advisory Board Members of Renatus

Scott and Nanci Rowe

Scott and Nanci Rowe

Scott and Nanci Rowe met in New York in 1995 while working for a direct marketing company. They married in 1998 and because of their positions, performance and time in that company, were tasked with traveling to the Midwest where they grew up, to expand the company’s interests. Scott began opening sales offices and Nanci handled the accounting needs, working from home. In 2003, Scott was promoted to Vice President of Product Sales and Nanci, managing the finances for eighteen sales offices and attached warehouses totaling Millions in sales, was promoted to executive administration. After working with the company for 15 years, the division they were involved with was shut down due to profit margin problems. This presented both a challenge and an opportunity to explore new avenues of income.

It was in the summer of 2006 that Scott & Nanci met Renatus Founder Bob Snyder and began learning real estate investing. They used the skills they had learned building marketing teams, leading trainings, and setting up and managing infrastructures, and earned $421,000 from home their first year. As top performers, Bob Snyder began to personally mentor this power couple and with his guidance they became million dollar earners.

As Bob was formulating the plan to create Renatus, he invited the couple to be a part of his Founders Advisory Board due to their contributions to others’ success in previous ventures. Scott and Nanci found a perfect fit to apply their 15 years of experience within the Renatus community. In their first 12 months of working with Renatus as Independent Marketing Affiliates, they earned $149,325.03. In addition to the Affiliate income earned, the Rowes have a growing real estate business today. Their service to the Renatus community has allowed them to change lives from coast to coast. In addition to the income they earn, their reward is the satisfaction they receive helping others achieve financial freedom through Renatus.

If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.
Richard Stock

Richard Stock

Richard Stock comes to Renatus with seven years of business ownership and real estate investing experience. He had a deep down burning desire to find something he could be passionate about while at the same time helping others achieve what they wanted. He found what he was looking for with Renatus. His greatest joy in his work is being able to see those he mentors leave corporate America and find the freedom they have longed for as an entrepreneur.

He is grateful for the opportunity Renatus has presented and for the challenges he has been given to grow and rise to new heights. He gives credit to Bob Snyder for this wonderful opportunity and the blessings Renatus has provided to him and his family!


Hugh Zaretsky

Hugh Zaretsky

Hugh Zaretsky is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He describes himself as someone who “took the long road” to real estate investing after enjoying much success in his corporate career.

Hugh began his professional career consulting for Fortune 500 financial services companies. Next, he joined a global leader in the photo industry, rising to the top as one of the youngest directors in the company. While there he became an expert on commercial real estate transactions. He made presentations to Wall Street analysts, executive committees and senior management teams. He successfully negotiated global technology deals with Dell and Microsoft to save the company over a million dollars per year. Hugh also helped lead the technology team to win CIO magazine’s award as one of the Top 100 Agile technology teams for 2004.

In 2005, Hugh left the corporate world for good to launch his own real estate investment and consultant business. Since then, his companies have invested in projects all across the United States and overseas. In 2008, he helped launch an asset-based (hard money) lending company that lends in the NY tri-state area. Currently his companies are involved in all types of real estate transactions, from single family homes to land and condo developments. Hugh helped launch Renatus in 2011. His team has completed many different real estate transactions including a 33 bulk OREO note deal.

Hugh is a graduate of Binghamton University Watson School of Engineering, where he received a degree in Computer Science. Coming from three generations of teachers, teaching and speaking are in Hugh’s blood. Hugh is a certified continuing education instructor in New York, Texas and Florida, and has trained thousands of real estate investors and entrepreneurs all across the United States. Hugh’s real estate and other businesses have given him the freedom to travel to all 50 states. He believes, “Shoot for the Stars and if you only get half way there you will land on the moon.”

Hugh is very close with his family including his nieces and nephew. He is an avid sports fan and soccer player. In 1996, he was invited to try out for the US Olympic Team heading to Atlanta. As a true entrepreneur at heart, Hugh even found a way to get people to pay him to run. One of his philosophies is “You can always Quit, so why Quit now!

If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.
Bob Tierney

Bob Tierney

Bob Tierney got his start in real estate as a remodelling contractor. Bob worked in Oak Park, known for Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, and had the opportunity to work on many of the beautiful Victorians and homes that were built there around the turn of the century. Over the years as Bob became an avid craftsman he had the opportunity to work on some major restoration projects that were purchased by real estate investors.

After working for and watching real estate investors make millions of dollars buying and rehabbing homes, he became interested in learning more about real estate. “If I could just fix and flip one home per year I would be able to add $40,000 to $50,000 in income to my life” he thought. Bob was introduced to this real estate investment education program in 2006 and has never looked back.

Renatus gave me the education that I needed to start doing real estate deals. What I love most about the program is the comprehensiveness of the training and the ability to really dig into the education by repeating the classes and getting on the phone weekly with the coaches. I learned enough about real estate to do my first short sale deal within the first year netting over $70,000 in profit on a home that only needed about $10,000 in cosmetic repairs. As a remodelling contractor I would have made only about $4,000 doing that two week remodelling job, as an investor over $70K!”

Bob also quickly became one of the company’s top affiliate marketers. “I was so impressed with the quality of education and value for the money that I spent with this program that I knew there would be thousands of people out there just like me who are interested in creating a better life for themselves learning real estate investing and entrepreneurship. I also have never seen a company so generous with their compensation plan for independent marketing affiliates and the more classes I took the more I was inspired to share this amazing education with others.

Bob lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Beth, where they work together in their real estate business buying and fixing up homes and helping others get into real estate. “The amazing education that Renatus offers is sincerely the best investment I ever made in my life. The compensation plan that Renatus offers truly gives me the opportunity to share this with other people, assist them in realizing their dreams, and earn a fantastic residual income doing so.

Bob’s accomplishments earned him the opportunity to become one of the Founders Advisory Board Members of Renatus. “It is truly and honor and privilege to work so closely with Bob Snyder and the other FAB Members. We are committed to building a great real estate and entrepreneurial education company that truly makes a difference in the lives of students. Renatus is a first-class training program that has attracted many accomplished real estate investors who are inspired to make a difference in the world. I encourage you to get involved, take every course you can, and become a financially free entrepreneur who makes a difference in the lives you touch and is part of the solution of getting America back on track!

If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.
James and Lisa Leis

James and Lisa Leis

James is a retired, 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force and Lisa is a registered nurse who has also worked in pharmaceutical sales. Coming to Renatus with very little knowledge of real estate investing, finances, or money, they found the resources and gained the knowledge to become financially literated and create the life they desired. The Renatus education gave them the knowledge and the ability to apply the knowledge to create the freedom and flexibility that they had only dreamt of. “As we create our own legacy and dreams, we have found that helping others change their financial future is another benefit that we had not previously realized! All the best, and may your dreams also come true!


Dr. Gary Lawrence

Dr. Gary Lawrence – Radio Talk Show Host

The past market fluctuations caused Dr. Gary Lawrence’s retirement fund to shrink considerably. Within 6 weeks of retiring, his retirement had shrunk 60%! The toll that change took on his family directly influenced Dr. Gary’s desire to find a new opportunity that would allow him to overcome his challenges.

Dr. Gary was introduced to Renatus and attended his first Investors/Business Forum and immediately determined that this was the answer he was looking for.

Dr. Gary and his wife Sylvia shortly thereafter encountered more financial turmoil culminating in the loss of their house and declaration of bankruptcy. The resulting grief wouldn’t last long as the couple generated $184,000 in profit using the Renatus method!

Working his business 18-20 hours a week has empowered Dr. Lawrence to lead the way for others seeking to create their success story. In 2013, Dr. Gary was honored at the Renatus National Conference as the Super-7 Contest winner. Dr. Gary was welcomed to the Renatus Founder’s Advisory Board.

As a Top-Income Earner and honored team leader, Dr. Gary has not only created success for himself, he has also lead his team to generate their own success!
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If you would like to know more about how to achieve this level of success in Real Estate Investing OR you’re not sure if Real Estate Investing is for you, CLICK HERE to get more information about Real Estate Investing Education.


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