Renatus Founder Webinar: Star-Studded Renatus Think Tank!

image Renatus Founders Webinar 2013-07-08-FWRenatus – Never before has Renatus CEO and Founder Bob Snyder hosted a Founder’s Webinar of these proportions. This Founder’s Webinar will compose of an assortment of FAB members and Bob himself as they field a number of questions and discuss strategies. This Webinar will be an opportunity for us to not only get to know the FAB, but also to learn their success generating techniques.

Learn with us as one the of Founder Advisory Board Members helps you get you success on track. Join us Monday July 8th, 2013 at 10PM EST/7PM PST to gain insight from the next Renatus Founders Webinar training. This is going to be powerful training!

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