Candy, a single mother of two Changes her life

Candy Wigner

Candy Wigner’s Real Estate Investing Education Success Story

As a single mom of two and a law enforcement officer working up to 90 hours per week, Candy Wigner KNEW she needed a change, a new life.

“It’s not a big secret that work in public service barely get paid little to just over poverty level and when you add in two kids, it takes you below poverty level. I was basically working 90 hours per week and I was begging them to work that many hours.” – Candy

  • Do you think she had a lot of time for her kids? Do they get to participate in after school or extracurricular activities? Their only activity was a gaming device….
  • What would it be like to have ONLY one parent, a mom, working a dangerous job and that many hours?
  • As a parent you want to provide for your children, but how would you feel if you could only barely provide the necessary items?

Candy’s family is in public service with her brother being in the Secret Service and dad was also in law enforcement…. there wasn’t a lot of support for Candy to want to become involved in real estate.

With her heart set on investing in Real Estate, she took the little time she had to attend many seminars as she could, read books and created a journal of what she was learning.

It was all theoretical…. she just didn’t know how to apply the amast information.

Then she saw an ad in the spring of 2011 that said, “Real Estate Investor seeks apprentice“.

She found a community and real world training…..

She learned Renatus is not just about education, it’s community and real world training was exactly what she needed.

Spending time with her kids, her job and learning how to build a new career and balance it all.  With her busy life and obligations, just like any of us would, we stumble, Candy stumbled.

Learning the skill of leveraging time, her first hurdle, was to take up “smoke breaks” at work.  Candy does not smoke, but she used this time to reach out to her contacts to help build her business. Even taking time during her lunch breaks, it all became overwhelming, admitting that even she “got in her own way” Candy felt directionless…..something we all experience from time to time.

Eventually she even put her Renatus business on the back burner…. along with her kids, reluctantly.

However the community and mentors did not give up on her through the emails, the stories and the connections with the encouragement of the community…. she came back with FULL FORCE.

Just as the story of the burning boats goes in the year 1519 and Hernán Cortés, with some 600 Spaniards, 16 or so horses and 11 boats, had landed on a vast inland plateau called, Mexico…. it would only just be 3 words which Cortés’ mur­mured, that would change the his­tory of the New World.  As they marched inland to face their ene­mies, Cortés ordered, “Burn the boats.”  This meaning is significant as it means you can not turn back, you have essentially burned your bridges to make return impossible.

This is what Candy did, she quit her job, swallowed her pride and moved in with her parents. Now I can “give my business the attention it so desperately needed.

This allowed Candy to take more of an active role in personal development, build her leveraged business with Renatus Marketing and not only study the education more, but become more active in the community to accelerate her learning.

You are leading the way….. it’s great to see people not only just put a stake in the ground to say it’s going to happen, but to make it happen…” – Rob Lett (Candy’s Mentor)

Hear Candy’s Story yourself, in her own words….

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