21 Year Old College Student and 19 Year Old sister Success Story

James Wortmann

James Wortmann – College Student

James Wortmann is from Nebraska, Omaha.  He turned 21 years old as of July 2015, a Full Time College Student – Junior Status at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where he’s studying to get his Bachelors in Business Administration.

James has always been around a family of entrepreneurs, his dad started an auto body repair shop at the age of 22 and now has 8 locations.  At 21, James’ dad, just a year older when he started his business stated what every respectable dad says, “You need to get a job to pay for college”.

[As we all know, now, that was their way of saying you need a few years of critical responsibility, to learn on your own, to have the confidence to support yourself and build character.]

James knew the reality of finding a part time job that would pay enough to work around his hectic college schedule, especially one that would actually pay his tuition. Would flipping burgers or working retail, even on holidays be a solution, no and he knew that there must be something else.

Funny Thing is, James is another Craiglist inductee. He found an ad that said, “Real Estate Investment Group seeks trainee“. The ad was placed by a woman, Erin, in Albuquerque New Mexico, no where near James in Nebraska. She quickly brought James up to speed with contact, meetings, webinars and places to get more information.

James knew the value of a good education and immediately knew he wanted the “Extreme Plus Combo”. As a struggling college student already, coming up with the $15,000 was going to be pretty tough.

He realized that he could learn while he earned and purchased what he could afford and decided to work on the marketing opportunity for Renatus. He was committed to making the money to get THIS valuable education.

With his commitment on his mind, he knew he needed to find the money. He thought of his dad, a well respected successful businessman and introduced him to the education through the Renatus webinars. His dad realized the value and loaned James the money he needed to get the amazing education he knew would change his life. Don’t we all wish we had something like that when we were only 21?

Now a year later, he has made $25,000 working as a part time college student with his own team of 31 people, including his 19 year old sister, Rachel.

Now every morning he plans his day with his sister as to how they will make the money they need for college and the type of real estate they wish to do when they are done with college as they study diligently their Renatus Online Education.

Seeing an opportunity to grow his business while at college they plan to hold meetings at the University Campus to not only grow their opportunity team, but future investors they can work with who all have an entrepreneur mindset.

Anyone can do this if you put your mind to it.” is not only his drive, but his message of words and actions.

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