Are you NEW to Using  Wordpress?

image WordPress magic using wordpressYou found this post because you are Looking at WordPress

  • as an Website Option
  • as a Blogging Platform
  • You Heard it was the easiest way to start marketing online

Getting Started Right with WordPress

You FOUND the Right Place, I have put together a no LESS than 37 Video Training Posts to Help you with EVERY Aspect of Learning and getting started with Wordpress.

Let’s Break Down the Above Reasons further, to see if using WordPress is your Right Course of Action


In the beginning WordPress was blogging platform and its main use was to just place post after post of information, much like an online diary.  In fact the word Blog is a concatenation of  “web” and “log” to from “Blog”.  As a website it wasn’t the best choice, however due to the fact that WordPress is worked on as an open source project in just about every country in the world around the clock, it has become the Number 1 platform to be used for many things, such as Video Pages, Sales Pages, Full on Web site, Blog, Information, Training, Membership Sites and much much more.

As a Website option, WordPress has both Pages and Post Options, which will be broken down in the video trainings.  It’s this ability combined with customized menus and simple search engine optimization that makes WordPress and excellent choice for a new person who may not have a lot of technical skill to build a website.

If you have the desire to become an Affiliate Marketer, have a Product or Service to sell or already have a company, whether it is a virtual or brick and mortar, WordPress will work for you.  With 1000’s of Themes and Plugins to extend the functionality you could build a website for just about any thing, Topic, Service, Club, Hobby or Business.


Most People start out with WordPress as a simple blogging platform.  A way of sharing anything you can think of with people in the world.  If you have specialized knowledge or experience in any type of niche from under-water, upside-down basket weaving to kitchen remodeling, car repair, graphic artists, book worm, or just about anything you can think of, a blog is a place to share what you know, to attract those who want to know, so that you both can connect.  (READ THAT AGAIN)

Well what about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all those social media?“, My Friend, I KNOW, many people think blogging is DEAD because of social media.  But think of this, social media is like a person passing by a magazine at the check out register, scanning it and maybe buying it.  If they buy it, where are they directed to go?  A WEBSITE or BLOG, Right?   This is the NEW ONLINE Marketing Model, which I’ll get to more in a moment.   Social Media is about connecting with people like at a party, but a Blog or Website is like inviting that person from the party to your house after you make friends with them.

Simply put, having a Blog or Website is a place WITHOUT Distraction for your Visitors or Members to focus on the Value you are providing to them after connecting on Social Media or after Google, Bing or another Search Engine points them to your website. It’s a Place where YOU are the Authority on a specific Knowledge, Ability, Talent or Reference of any of those, which includes Services and Products.


Speaking of being an Authority on a Product or Service, you wanted to look at “Blogging” or having a “Website” so you can do online marketing.  You may have created a product or offer a service already and that is fantastic, but even if you don’t and you are getting in to affiliate marketing, using WordPress is a solution here as well.

IF you read the above topics of using WordPress as an answer to Blogging or a Website, you already know people have come to your HOME on the Internet through a Search Engine, Social Media or other Advertising.  They recognize you as a Possible Answer to the Solution of a Problem they need solved.  Your Product, Service or Specialized Knowledge will help build a relationship with the person who is visiting your site.  Now I am not going to get in to all the different Sales Methodology or Psychology, because I have a Solution to that AND if I gain your trust on these web pages, you will see that I do Internet Marketing and only offer specific products and services to increase your knowledges and skills to help make you money or help others.

With WordPress you can do the MOST Important Thing Possible – Prove through intelligent posts that you are an Expert.  You show examples, you share videos, you provide references and opinions backed by all of that.  But the Most Important two things is to create a relationship with the visitor and then get them on your email list.

Why do you think SO Many Websites ask for your email?  They want to give you further added value or something you need in exchange for further permission to market to your in your own email box.


NOW that you know some reasons why people have WordPress sites, you are either game to get on going or you want a little bit more information.

Okay, I”ll give you a bit more information.

Most people think you must be technical in nature to get a website up and running.  Fact is, if you can use a Word Processor, you can have a site up and running in a few days or a few hours, depending on your willingness and ability to learn and grow.  Fact is there are Really 4 Ways of getting a Web Site or Blog up and running

1) Hire a Web Master and they will have it up in a few hours

  • PROs: No work done by you, professionally done, any look (themes) or plugin you want
  • CONs: Minimum fee is likely to be above $250, Could take days or weeks depending on interview and scheduling, extra work = more time and money

2) Use a Free Service like (a Google product) or

  • PROs: Easy to set up and use in 5-10 minutes, nice choice of looks (themes)
  • CONs: Affiliate Marketing discouraged and possible loss of all content if accused of violating terms, limited to Plugins

3) Paid Blogging Service – Like Empower Network, where the Blog is up and ready for $25.00 in about 15 minutes

  • PROs: Set up in minutes, cheap monthly payment, affiliate marketing allowed, difficult to hack
  • CONs: Limitations on plugins or themes

4) Setup and Host your own on a Hosting Company like HostMonster

  • PROs: Full Control over all aspects of your site (You can use their WordPress Installer or Install it and fully control it yourself), technical support
  • CONs: Monthly or Yearly hosting charges, technical support, potential of being hacked

WELL That was a Lot of Information to take in, but Don’t Worry, there are TON’s of Resources out on the Internet to help you Navigate AND I am going to HELP you DEFINE and FIND what you need to know and how to do it with the Video Trainings on WordPress.


If you don’t see any links or not all of the 37 Videos, that I promised above, well that’s because I am still putting them up as of 3/28/2013. Keep Checking Back, they are Coming!

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To Your Success & Happiness,

“Always treat others as if their potential has been realized, watch them grow in to their happiness.” ~ William Burdine
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